It was a variation of strip poker the girls were playing, the number of rounds lost would determine the number of restraints the loser would be placed in. As her roommate placed the final set of restraints, toecuffs, on her, Chrissy realised she wasn’t a very good poker player…and she also wished they’d agreed on a time limit for the bondage beforehand…   

    At her new job as a babysitter she thought to try and let her self being tied up, since she never had been tied up by someone else. So she made a bet with the kids. They could tie her up and keep playing videogames as long she is tied up. So they tied her up, but because they were kids the ties were easy escapable . But she played if she couldn’t escape. But then the oldest sister came back home early from a bad date, and noticed her, and her brothers and sister told her that they were allowed to keep playing the game until she escapes. So the only oldest sister walked to her room and came back with more ropes and a ball gag. And started to tie her up seriously. And said to the brother and sister: “Don’t you worry, it’s game night for you, I made sure for that, have fun kids“ meanwhile the babysitter was completely surprised what just happened. and then the oldest sister said to her: “the only reason you’re not naked is because there are kids in the house, so next time you want to be tied up, just visit me, and don’t let some kids tie you up badly. “ and all she could think of now was “I definitely going to visit her more often”.


    I would give anything to be imprisoned like this.  Total enclosure has always been a big turn on for me, but to be enclosed in steel would be the ultimate rush!  Unable to move a muscle, knowing that nobody who happened by could help you and just stuck there, frozen in position like a statue……..except that the bottoms of your feet are exposed!!  To be tickled, cained or whatever, and I would be unable to move to escape or avoid what was being done to them……


    :O .. dang. Just dang.