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    Heisenberg X Hurt reader

    I wanted to do some angstier Headcanons. So I wanted to write one where his SO is seriously hurt.

    He remembers finding you alone in the forest. You were passed out and so-so pale.

    He wrapped you up in his coat and took you back to the factory.

    There he could protect you. There he could keep you safe.

    He spends his time cleaning your wound, bandaging them up. He makes sure you have been fed and had some water.

    The first night all he does is sit by your bed, bloody bandages lie on the table next to you, and he can't help but just sit there and have a smoke.

    He feels so helpless. The first time in a long time that he's felt this way.

    If you were hurt by mother Miranda or one of the other lords, he takes it very personally.

    While you recover, he is working overtime to make his metal army. Staying up late burning the midnight oil while he makes sketch after sketch of new designs, all while you sleep in the bed nearby.

    "I'm going to get them, buttercup. they'll pay for what they did."

    "fuck them and fuck Miranda. They'll see what happens when they cross me."

    no matter how much care he took into making sure your wound was clean, it could still get infected.

    Not only are you hurt—your hurt and sick.

    Your temperature spikes up to dangerously high degrees

    every wheeze and gasp sends shrapnel through his heart.

    He's making sure you have a cold compress on your head and that the factory is nice and cool.

    If you don't get better quickly, he begins to curse at the gods. His shouts echo around the factory. He doesn't care who hears.

    "How could you do this to me. Haven't I been through fucking enough? you cant take the only person I have left."

    eventually, it ends with him falling to the ground, in near tears. "Please don't take them. please. 'll do anything."

    the next morning your fever breaks, and you eventually manage to open your eyes. "h-heis, are you there."

    He's by your side in a heartbeat, leaning down next to the bed and grabbing your hand. he can't help but kiss it. The flesh so soft compared to his own callous digits.

    ""I'm right next to you, buttercup. I'm right here."

    "W-what happened"

    "you got hurt, Doll. But it's okay, your safe. I am never letting anything like that happen again."

    He's going to try to guarantee that declaration. no matter what

    Reparations - Karl Heisenberg x Male!OC

    Fandom: Resident Evil 8; Village

    Pairing: Camilo Van Hellsing (OC) x Karl Heisenberg

    Warnings: Spoilers for Resident Evil 8; Village, Swearing, Faggotry, Slight angst, No spellcheck we die like men I worked too hard to look at this again, Slight fluff,

    Notes: I finished Resident Evil 8 on Saturday and I have so many things to say. Anyways...Enjoy this longass post-Res8 reparations oneshot <3

    Dedicated To: Chloe + Simone

    How it started.

    Camilo sat at his seat in the usual arena where meetings were held with the other Lords and Mother Miranda. He turned to the right, staring at Karl's empty seat beside his own. Camilo frowned to himself, feet swaying softly which made his heels hit the side of his seat (due to the improper way he was sitting).

    "Hey, guys!" A comfortingly familiar voice called from the entrance, "look at what I dragged in!"

    Camilo shot up to his feet, watching Karl drag something with a metal chain. "What is it?" He asked, stepping closer.

    Karl grunted as he dragged it over to the others, finally stopping and looking down at what he brought.

    Camilo furrowed his eyebrows at the unconscious body of a basic-looking white man with faded blond hair. "And...Who might that be?" He then inquired, pointing down at the man.

    "No clue, he's not local." Karl shrugged. "He's whiny, too. And ugly. I thought Mother Miranda would've liked him. Look at him, he doesn't even have all his fingers!"

    "I wonder how he counts..." Camilio genuinely pondered.

    "You fools, that's Ethan Winters!" Lady Dimitrescu insulted, hands on her hips.

    Camilo's expression didn't change. "Uh-huh?"

    "The father of the baby, Van Hellsing."

    "Oh-!" Camilo's eyebrows raised.

    Lady Dimitrescu rolled her eyes, sitting back down.

    Karl went over to where he usually sat, doing the same. He used his free hand to pull Camilo onto his lap. Karl set aside his hammer, lighting a Cuban cigar.

    Camilo, once on Karl's lap sat facing Ethan's side of the room, slung his arms around Karl's shoulders- like he usually did when sitting on his lap. He stared blankly down at Ethan Winters, expecting the father of the special baby to have had...more, to him, than just some missing fingers. Camilo felt Karl's free arm around his lower back, as he stroked the collar of Karl's coat with his thumbs, zoning out of the meeting.

    "The man is of no real use to anyone else." Lady Dimitrescu told Mother Miranda. "And my daughters do so love...entertaining foreigners. Furthermore, I can assure you if you entrust the mortal to House Dimitrescu, my daughters and I shall deliver to you the finest cups of his slaughtered blood." She explained over the sounds of Angie giggling at Ethan, then yelling at Moreau.

    Karl leaned forward- not enough to disturb Camilo- to speak up. "You mean- You mean-" He repeated, only giving himself one try to talk over Angie exclaiming about how Ethan's awake. "Both of you shut the fuck up!" Karl shouted over at them, having Angie run over to Donna and sit in her lap.

    "What-? Where...?" Ethan mumbled.

    Karl turned his attention back over at Lady Dimitrescu. "You mean you'll screw around with him in private, and where's the fun in that?" He questioned. Karl's tone lightened up when he spoke to Mother Miranda. "Give him to Camilo and me, and we'll put on a show that everybody can enjoy. Isn't that right, Camilo?" He purred.

    Camilo snapped out of it. His gaze went from Ethan, to Lady Dimitrescu, to Karl, to Mother Miranda, then back over at Karl. Camilo silently nodded along, a clueless smile strung across his lips.

    "Ugh, so gauche." Lady Dimitrescu groaned, "what do we care for bread and circuses?"

    Camilo didn't understand- bread was good to eat, circuses are fun, and he enjoyed Karl's ideas each time the man had one.

    "The manthings suffering is assured, regardless."

    "Yak, yak, the and if the man's dick is cut off in the castle- bla, bla, bla." Karl complained, Camilo and Moreau giggling along.

    Silence for a moment before Mother Miranda finally spoke.

    Camilo spared Ethan a glance, then turned to look down at the carpet between Karl and himself, and Lady Dimitrescu.

    "I've heard all your arguments. Some of you were less persuasive than others, but...I've made my decision." Mother Miranda told.

    Karl leaned in once again, his grip on Camilo tightening with anticipation.

    "Heisenberg." Mother Miranda pointed over at the two gay lords. "...And Van Hellsing. The man's fate is in your hands."

    Karl and Camilo faced Mother Miranda, tipping their hats in reply.

    "Mother Miranda, I must protest." Lady Dimitrescu stood up.

    Camilo frowned, looking up at the woman who almost always seemed to be the source of his confusions.

    "Heisenberg is but a child, his little boytoy even moreso- and his devotion to you is questionable, deeming Van Hellsing's own the same."

    Karl scowled, pushing Camilo off his lap and standing up.

    "Give the mortal to me, and I will ensure he is ready."

    "Shut your damn hole!" Karl's hammer was pulled into his hand, Camilo palming the handle of his own sword. "And don't be a sore loser. Go find your food somewhere else."

    "Quiet now, child, adults are talking."

    Camilo raised a finger to point out how, due to the difference between Lady Dimitrescu's hair colour and Karl's hair colour, Karl was far from being the more childlike one between the two of them. He slowly lowered his finger, though, deciding that wouldn't help anyone's case. Camilo stayed seated, eyes drawing back and forth between Lady Dimitrescu and Karl- he pulled his hat down in an attempt for it to cover his ears.

    They were being a bit loud, after all.

    "I'm the child? You're the one who's arguing with Miranda's decision!" Karl shot back.

    "You two wouldn't know responsibility if it was welded to your hammer or braided into Van Hellsing's hair!" Lady Dimitrescu insulted.

    "Oh, keep growing! One day your head might actually fit your ego!" Karl grumbled, Angie chanting "fight, fight, fight, fight!" From where she sat.

    "Uh- please don't-" Camilio piped up, standing up and looping around Heisenberg.

    "Hey, don't I get a say in this?" Ethan muttered.

    Camilo unsheathed his sword, poking Ethan's arm with it. "Shut up." He said.

    "Silence!" Mother Miranda boomed, her six black wings sprouting from behind her back. "My decision is final, there will be no argument. Remember from whence you came."

    Somewhere in either the Caribbean or England, Camilo thought to himself. Due to my differing accent and bodily features.

    Ethan stared up at Lord Camilo Van Hellsing, noting the deep, yet scary nothingness behind those big, dark brown eyes. Those eyes appeared to know so much but so little, a facade-like wall to the inside of his mind.

    Camilo grew uncomfortable with the eye contact and turned away, to Miranda. He bowed in unison with Karl, who said "thank you." And went back over to sit down at his own seat.

    Karl laughed at Dimitrescu walking away, then spun to look at the lycans surrounding them. "Lycans and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting! And now let the games begin!" He stepped forward and knelt down in front of Ethan, staring at him from behind his black shades. "Let's see what you're really made of, Ethan Winters." Karl growled, adding "get ready." to the cuffed father as he stood back up. He raised his hammer, ready to smash the ground with it to initiate the start of the game.

    Camilo started clapping and giggling like a child, truly excited for the show. He beamed at his beloved Karl, who looked over his shoulder to give Camilo a grin. Camilo stomped his feet, left boot then right boot over and over because he just couldn't contain himself.

    Karl's grin grew as his hammer smashed the ground in front of Ethan, who had yelled "no, wait!" And rose to his feet. "Ten!"










    "Showtime!" Karl yelled, Camilo running over to the hole Ethan jumped down.

    "Coward!" Camilo huffed.

    "That's right- run for your life!" Karl called over the intercom.

    Camilo walked over to Karl, taking his hand in his own.

    "He truly is as strong as they say."

    "Don't let him get away, KK." Camilo pouted.

    "I couldn't- I gotta keep you entertained...along with Donna and Moreau, but you're most important." Karl smiled. He called to Ethan over the intercom, "gotta keep the beloved Camilo Van Hellsing entertained, Ethan! So now it's time for the beautiful, blood-soaked, grand finale!" Karl laughed, subjecting Ethan to a large, spinning grinder. "Nothing like fresh, American ground beef!" He sneered.


    How it ended.

    Camilo ran out of the factory coughing and wheezing, collapsing on his knees by the trees. He gasped for fresh air after being assaulted by the fire's smoke from inside, palms rubbing against the grass beneath him in order to ground himself. "Fuck," Camilo swore out hoarsely. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." He repeated, as if cursing was going to help better the situation.

    Who started the fire, was it that Chris guy? Where's Ethan? Where's Karl? Where's anybody?

    Camilo's inhales for actual air died down to pants, his heart making itself known by how loudly it was beating beneath his chest. He hung his head, allowing his hat to fall off from on top of it. "Jesus...Christ, almighty." Camilo sighed, followed by some groans as he got up to his feet. He set his hat back atop of his head, allowing for his mind to race once more.

    Who started the fire, was it that Chris guy? Where's Ethan? Where's Karl? Where is anybody?

    Where's Karl? Where's anybody?

    Where's Karl?


    Camilo's brown eyes went wide- last thing he remembers is Karl going to 'finally get Winters out of the way', which is what Karl told him, and that Camilo had nothing to worry about. Karl told him he was going to take out Ethan so they could continue on with their plan on starting a rebellion to kick Mother Miranda's ass. Camilo believed him, he always believed whatever Karl told him because it's not like he had ever been detrimentally wrong before. He turned his head, to out look over the field in front of the factory.

    A large clump of metal sat in the field, some smoke emitting from it. Bullet holes were inflicted into most sides, as if something- or someone- had repeatedly shot at it.

    Camilo somehow instantly put the pieces together. "Karl!" He screeched, breaking into a sprint. Camilo stepped over pieces of metal and curved around other parts, making his way to the core of the defeated machine Karl had most likely made to take down Winters because of course Karl would make a metal machine to take down Winters. He grunted, pushing away a large piece of scrap metal so it wouldn't be in his way.

    Behind it lay an unconscious Karl Heisenberg, his hat burnt and glasses slightly cracked. He wasn't moving, and Camilo was too scared to check for breathing, a pulse, any source of life.

    "Karl!" Camilo called once again, unsteadily getting onto his knees by the body of his beloved. "Karl-?" He repeated, softly shaking Karl. "KK, please, love, this isn't funny. Get up. We- We still have time, get up-" he ordered, his words tumbling out between short breaths. Camilo felt tears welling up at the lack of response from Karl, it was enough to make him go insane. "Karl, please, wake up- wake up, please, please." He begged, shaking more heavily this time. "Get the fuck up, Karl, please."


    Camilo's lips trembled, letting himself to kneel over Karl's body and let out the tears. "I love you," he whimpered. "I love you, Karl. I love you, I- I- even to the point of...I'll kill Ethan." Camilo declared. "I'll kill Ethan, I'll kill- I'll kill Miranda, I will," Camilo sobbed, "for you, I will." He choked out, "I love you, Karl."

    A hand placed itself on Camilo's back.

    Camilo's shoulders froze.

    "Jeez, you just gonna cry all-" a cough, "all over me like that? Seriously?"

    Camilo sniffled, hesitantly sitting back up. His eyes were wide with a bit of fear, but he was ever so confused; when is he not? Camilo reached over to Karl's face, taking off his shades.

    Karl held a small, affectionate grin on his lips, eyes up at Camilo. "Don't worry, I- I kinda like some soggy clothes."

    "K-" Camilo furrowed his eyebrows. "...Karl?" He called, voice cracking.

    "The one and only. You got life-saving tears, baby? I really thought I was done for."

    Silence, as Camilo's eyes darted across Karl's body. "...Karl." He repeated.

    "That's me." Karl rubbed Camilo's side, out of comfort. "Can't take me away from you that fucking easily, doll."

    Camilo's face slowly broke out into a wide smile of relief. "Karl!" He sniffed, wiping his eyes. "Oh, KK-" Camilo pulled Karl up, into a hug.

    Karl grunted, and was slow on reciprocating the hug. "God, Ethan knocked the wind outta me."

    Camilo pulled away, jumping to his feet. He outstretched an arm, down to Karl to help him up. "C'mon, c'mon, oh my god- we gotta go, KK. We gotta-" Camilo glanced at the burning factory. "Fuck..." He hissed, "get up!"

    Karl grabbed Camilo's hand, allowing him to help him get up.

    Camilo dusted the both of them off, both Karl and himself taking a moment of silence to watch the factory. "...Bugger."

    "Yea, same here." Karl grumbled. "Where are we even supposed to go?"

    "I dunno, just...Let's- Let's start with the forest o'er there. I bet the village is flooded with Chris' men."

    Karl and Camilo trekked away from their factory, making it into the woods.

    "Can you walk properly?" Camilo inquired, as if Karl's arm around his neck wasn't for support.

    "As long as you're helping me." Karl replied, the two walking along the line diving the village and the woods to keep an eye out. He and Camilo reached a high point, the bottom revealing the village, in near shambles.

    "Look, Ethan." Camilo spotted Ethan down below, surrounded by waving, mutated trees and a stone wall.

    He was shooting at...Miranda?

    "He's shooting at Miranda," Camilo then pointed out. "Look, KK, her wings and hands look all weird 'n' deformed!"

    "Not if I have anything to do about it- how do we get down there?" Karl questioned. "If anybody's ending that bitch, it's me."

    Camilo looked around, frowning. "I don't think we can. We could- We could use this vine like a rope to swing over there, but it's too short to allow us to slide down." He told. "Unless..."

    "'Unless'?" Karl repeated. "Unless what? What, baby? C'mon!" He insisted.

    "Unless we get our timing right. You take my gun from my belt, and as we swing across, you shoot her once she's vulnerable enough. Ethan Winters can't have all the fun you've waited our entire lives, for." Camilo explained.

    Karl looked into Camilo's eyes, leaning in and passionately kissing him. "I love you," he told as he pulled away. "I love you, Camilo."

    "I love you, too." Camilo grinned, grabbing onto the vine.

    Karl pulled Camilo's gun from his belt, happy that it was already locked and loaded. "Ready?"


    Camilo and Karl watched and waited as Ethan fought Miranda, both ends putting up a persistent fight. "Should we shoot Ethan too, while we're at it?"

    "Only if he killed me." Karl surprisingly showed mercy. It was easy to see why- Miranda's the main mission, here. "Okay, ready...and..."

    Camilo's grip on the vine tightened, the two making slow steps backwards in order to have a more powerful swing.


    Camilo and Karl ran for the edge, jumping off.

    They swung through the air, Karl pointing the gun at Miranda as she sneered down at Ethan.

    "You got this." Camilo whispered, Karl desperately holding onto him.

    Karl closed an eye for precision, grinning slyly. Then, he shot.

    Camilo followed the bullet tearing through the air, laughing as it struck Miranda right through the head. "You did it!" He praised, "nothing fucks with you, huh? Nothing fucks with my fucking baby!"

    "Your fucking gun, Camilo!" Karl reminded him, hearing Miranda cry out with sudden pain. The wind blew through his hair as they swung along, "we fucking did it. Now let's get the fuck out of here."

    Camilo nodded, the two of them watching Mother Miranda freeze on the spot and disintegrate into dust. He landed them down in the grass, luckily neither Karl nor himself gained any more injuries. "My apologies for the landing- you alright?"

    "You kidding me? Better than ever!" Karl cheered, pumping his fists into the air after he got up. He tucked Camilo's gun back into his belt, running his hands through his hair. "She's done for, Camilo...And we didn't even need an army."

    "Just some...mediocre white guy to wind her down." Camilo filled in the blank. "C'mon- I can't believe we fucking did it."

    Karl and Camilo walked, and walked, just about avoiding Chris' men.

    "Look! Duke!" Camilo pointed down the road. "Duke!"

    Duke looked up. "Ah...Lords Heisenberg and Van Hellsing, funny running into you here."

    "Duke, oh my god, we just- we- Karl shot Mother Miranda with my gun!" Camilo squealed, kissing Karl's cheek.

    "Did he, now? Well, I suppose I have a reward for him."

    "A reward?" Karl scoffed. "What, a gold star?"

    "No, actually. Something much heavier, and bigger. More sentiment, if I may."

    Camilo and Karl furrowed their eyebrows, as Duke brought out Karl's hammer. "Your...His...How did you-?"

    "Ethan Winters brought it to me. Seeing as you're here, I suppose you might want it back?"

    Karl snatched it from Duke's grip, giving it a quick once-over that he then gave Duke. "...Thank you, Duke."

    "No problem."

    "Uh, Duke-?" Camilo raised a finger. "Where...What happened to the others? Lady D, Donna 'n' Angie, and Moreau?"

    "Oh, them? Gone."

    "Huh?" "Pardon me?" Camilo's and Karl's jaws dropped.

    "Yes, Ethan Winters got rid of them one by one. I see you two are no match for him, though." Duke smiled slightly. "I'd advise the two of you run along, now. This village is no more of a home than it's ever been, now that they've implanted a bomb here.

    "'They've'?" "A fucking bomb?!"

    "Yes, the BSAA or whomever, they've implanted a bomb to blow up the village. Shall I offer you two last real ones a ride away?"

    "Uhh..." Karl looked down in thought, but Camilo answered for the both of them.

    "No." Camilo shook his head. "No, thank you, Duke. We have another way out."

    "We do?"

    Camilo nodded. "My boat, darling. Converted into a home, but can easily be converted back...I secretly worked on such a transition myself."

    Karl blinked slowly. "You're amazing."

    Camilo looked back up at Duke, bowing. "Thank you for all the time you've spent on us like we have you. I'll actually never forget the kindness you've shown towards me that I've never found anywhere else...platonically, at least." He glanced at Karl, then looked back over at Duke. "Thank you, my dear friend. I'll miss you."

    "Uh- yea, thanks. Seriously, you're a good guy, Duke."

    "You'll be able to get out of the village alright, though, right?"

    Duke giggled, winking at Camillo. "I do so hope our paths cross again, you two lovebirds are quite the treat. Bye-bye, now." He waved, tossing what looked to be a charm down to Camilo, who caught it. "To remember me by, free of charge."

    Camilo nodded in thanks, sure to treasure it forever. He put it in his pocket and the two Lords turned around. Camilo and Karl spared Duke one last glance over their shoulders before making their way towards Camilo's section of the village.

    "Anything else about your ship-house I should know about?" Karl chuckled.

    "I have a replica of your hat. It's finally able to come into use, seeing as your old one is burnt to a crisp. Also, any vinyls I had left in your factory, I have copies of in my ship, along with other vinyls that I never brought to your factory. And rum."

    Karl laughed softly, Camilo helping him up the steps to his home.

    Camilo brought Karl over to the control station with him, Karl quick to hold onto one of the sail masts for support. After the pulling of some levers, and the press of a few buttons, he felt the flooring beneath his boots begin to shake. "Hold on!" Camilo loudly called to Karl, who snaked both arms around the mast for dear life.

    Camilo gripped onto the wheel, feeling the ship pull from the dirt and back away onto the water it previously overlooked. He pressed down his hat to keep it atop his head, spinning the wheel to turn the boat away from the land. Camilo yelped in excitement when the ship successfully parted. "See?" He called over his shoulder. "See, Karl? I told you!"

    "Never said I didn't believe you, but holy shit!" Karl exclaimed.

    Camilo sent a wide smile over at him, steering the boat onto open water. "Currently, we're now on the Black Sea!" He explained, running to set the sails. Camilo pulled out a compass, opening it up and watching where the arrow pointed. "Over there, is Istanbul- which used to be Constantinople."

    "Istanbul was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul not Constantinople," Karl hummed a song Camilo liked, a song by The Four Lads.

    "They have a river that runs through, if we hit there then we can reach the- the, uh, the Aegean Sea, by Greece, then the Mediterranean Sea, which goes by Italy and even Spain! A bit farther down from Spain is an opening between itself and Morocco, and then it's open sea!" Camilo almost tripped up the steps to reach Karl and the wheel. He held the wheel in his hands.

    "What sea, again?" Karl set his hammer down.

    "North Atlantic! We can go wherever the hell we wish, darling, don't you see?" Camilo spun around, gently shaking Karl's shoulders. "There is simply no me without you. If you...If you hadn't woken up, back by the factory...I- I don't- I-" He stuttered, squeezing the handle of his sword.

    "Hey, hey, Camilo, look at me." Karl softly instructed.

    Camilo glanced at Karl's eyes, quick to avert by his head.

    "Ah, right-" Karl remembered Camilo's aversion to eye contact. "Listen- what I mean is...I'm okay, I'm here right now, aren't I? We killed Miranda, I shot with your gun, man! We're free now, just the two of us!"

    Camilo nodded. "Yes, exactly. Where to?"

    Karl hummed. "Let's just slip by Istanbul first. We can figure out a first set destination once we hit the Mediterranean."

    "But, Karl- Karl, how do we-?" Camilo arched a brow.

    "Ah, alright. Uhm..." Karl scratched his beard. "How 'bout England? You'd probably fit right in with that damned accent of yours."

    Camilo clapped his hands, squealing with excitement. "England it is!" He turned around, hands back on the steering wheel.

    Karl breathed a smile to life on his lips. He pushed himself off the mast, walking behind Camilo and slowly enveloping him in a hug.

    Camilo raised his eyebrows in slight surprise, but didn't react negatively.

    "Want me t'call you Captain, now? Instead of Lord 'n' Lady? Or would you prefer jumping between all three?"

    Camilo smirked. "All three." He answered. "You can be my first mate."

    "Your only mate, more like." Karl took Camilo's hat, putting it on his own head.

    "Still...I love you, Karl." Camilo took his hat back, putting it back on his head. "You and me, Karl. Always 'n' forever."

    Karl scoffed, kissing Camilo's neck. "Yea, I love you too, Camilo." He looked out at the open sea, his smile identical to Camilo's.

    They were both finally free from the clutches of Mother Miranda, of the village, and whatever else Romania held in its hellish land. And they were dead set on never returning.

    Karl and Camilo were free, that's what matters. The world was their's to discover and explore, and make a home someplace else. An actual home, with no cages or experiments or restraints. As long as Camilo and Karl were together, that'd be the best home on earth.

    Honey Coated Handles (18+)

    Heisenberg x reader smut

    This is part four of my smut series. Here’s Part one, Part two, and Part three.

    Warning: It’s a smut. Domination, little degration, knife play, bit of Bondage, mirror play. Patiently wait for your dessert, you little freaks.

    Summary: The suspicions continue to grow, curious eyes peeking through the wraps of your lies. What started as a small little fib turned into something that’s getting harder to hide, which excited you and frightened you at the same time. Heisenberg enjoyed these special games, but something started to change in his demeanor due to village doomsday looming around the corner. What could that be?

    - - -

    A faint giggle in your ear forced you awake out of your slumber, greeting you to the view of your long darkened room.

    Who was laughing? The tone was almost sounded familiar.

    With your mind still clouded with sleep, you struggled to collect your thoughts as you sat up slowly, a yawn or two leaving your lips.

    Karl. You forgot about the man you fell asleep next to. You looked to your side only to find the bedsheets empty, yet still warm and lingering with his scent. Did he leave already? Was it already morning?

    Slipping out of bed, you picked up your fallen gown from the floor, slipping it back on over your body. His clothes were gone, along with his hammer. It was almost as if he was never in your room in the first place, but the events that happened proved otherwise. The only thing he left behind was the watch you had swiped from him, still in the same place you had left it.

    Yawning again, you approached a stand in the corner of your room holding an empty porcelain basin and a pitcher of water. You grabbed a rag and poured just a fair amount of water to dampen the material enough to your liking. Sitting down at your vanity, you ran the cool rag over your face, cleansing and awakening the muscles on your face.

    From the looks of your window, the skies were still dark and snow still cascaded down in quiet sheets. It made you wonder how long you were asleep and what time it was. You’d have to check one of the clocks outside to figure out for yourself.

    A warm throbbing sensation made you remember what that man had done to you, forcing you to groan a little into your rag and roll your eyes. Adjusting the way you sat, you pulled up your dress to reveal the teeth marks he left on you. They weren’t big at all, the largest marks being where his ‘canine’ teeth had broken the skin. One of the reasons you called that man a dog in the first place.

    “Cheeky asshole,” You couldn’t help but mutter, using your wet rag to gently wipe at the tender wound. You reached over for your bottle of tincture and salve, putting in the effort to make sure the wound was kept clean.

    You clutched your robe around you more as you walked down the hallway into the corridor. The clock had read half passed five, and the sun didn’t rise here until about seven or so in good weather.

    The fragrant scent of burning wood tickled your nose when you walked into the main corridor, curious to see if your Mother had returned from her meeting. She was one to be up early and lounge around, reading or smoking or indulging in some of her special tea.

    Heisenberg, fully dressed, sat on the red couch closest to the roaring fireplace. His hammer was beside him, slanted awkwardly as he kept it propped on the armrest, preventing it from falling over.

    “Look who’s up early,” He commented, watching you slowly walk down the stairs.

    “Look who’s talking,” You replied, seeing his smirk ever so present as the fires illuminated his facial features, the lenses of his shades slowing bright. “What’re you doing up?”

    “I’m supposed to leave soon,” He beckoned you over with the wave of his hand, motioning you to sit beside him, “But I needed some quiet time to myself. Y’know the cellars can be too crowded.”

    You sat slowly beside him, crossing your legs slowly as you adjusted your gown and robe. “What’re you doing up?” He asked, seeing you shrug slightly with a fraction of a smile.

    “Woke up cold.”

    “Hm,” He nodded his head just a little, looking over towards the fireplace. The maids took turns on refilling the fireplaces all over the castle, making sure they were never dying. Therefore, the castle was always warm, combatting the cold outside the walls.

    “What were you thinking about?”

    Karl kept quiet for a good moment, the man sitting up slightly only to lean his elbows to his knees, letting out a sigh. He knew what he was about to speak about wasn’t gonna be good on your end, but he couldn’t keep it hidden anymore.

    “Just thinkin' about how much your situation irritates the hell outta me.”

    You tilted your head in question.

    “My situation?”

    “Yes (Y/n), your situation. You’re a blind prisoner here, and you don’t even know it.”

    Oh boy. This again.

    “Karl, I’m not explaining it to you again-“ You began, only for the man to stop you as he gestured his hands towards you.

    “I don’t need you to explain shit, this is base line textbook Stockholm syndrome. What you say means nothing because you’re so immersed by it all.” Your chest began to burn with his words, your mind unable to comprehend where this was coming from.

    “I am not a prisoner Karl, these people are my family. That bitch you keep referring to is my Mother, and she loves me!”

    “Oh Bullshit (Y/n)! I can’t believe you still fall for this family nonsense!” He rejected your words with bitterness, forcing you to stand from your seat.

    “It’s not bullshit!” You started yelling at the man, “She’s told me herself ever since I was a goddamn kid! She could’ve killed me in my sleep a long time ago, but she let me live and gave me a family!”

    “She stole you away from your real family and shoved you into a cage of wolves!” It was Karl’s turn to stand, pulling off his shades to reveal the pure rage in his eyes. He gestured his finger towards you, barely refraining himself from touching you. At this point, you couldn’t tell if he was talking about Alcina or Mother Miranda, but they were the most dominant women who controlled your life.

    “Do you even fucking remember your old life?! Your real family?? Hell, I don’t even remember mine! And I was stolen away just like you!! I was fucking younger than you are now, and a hella lot smarter enough to believe the truth!”

    This is where his source of anger was, you quickly realized. The repetition of history with you was exactly what happened with him.

    What hurt was that he was right.

    Once in a while you did allow yourself to remember your childhood, bits and pieces of living in the village and living a commoner’s life. You no longer remembered the face of your father or the kisses of your mother, gentle memories that stung deep into the harsh truth that you were taken away with original intentions to be eaten.

    That’s where the wall was built up, that’s where you convinced yourself that it wasn’t the case. And it wasn’t: you’re a Dimistrescu, raised among luxury with unspoken amounts of power, succumbed to a loving family and an overprotective, adoring Mother. Family wasn’t bound by blood, that’s the silent lesson Alcina taught every single one of her daughters.

    You went quiet in front of Karl. The flames of the fireplace casting a gold sheen over your eyes, showing them get more glossy every second. Your lips deepened into a frown as rage balled up your fingers, like hell you were going to cry in front of this man.

    “Get out.”

    Your words were cold, striking him like an icicle in his chest, but he didn’t show it. He took a step back, glaring down at you as your jaw locked up.

    “I said get out!” You raised your voice more, echoing throughout the corridor. It was almost as loud as your Mother’s voice when she yelled, causing a faint chilling ring to follow.

    “You heard my daughter.” Speaking of your Mother, Alcina stood in front of the entrance of the main corridor, her hands folded together in front of her as her lips were frozen with a satisfied devilish grin. Whether she had just arrived or was standing there the whole time didn’t matter to you, what mattered was the man in front of you.

    Heisenberg looked over towards the tall monster before looking back at you, slipping his glasses back on and grabbing his hammer. He took one more look at you before tilting his hat faintly and leaving, completely ignoring Alcina in the process.

    You couldn’t bother yourself to watch him go, turning away from the sight to charge up the stairs, retreating to your room. You weren’t sure if your mother called you or not, your heart pounding in your head as it mattered little.

    That stupid man-thing! How dare him to provoke your life and rip apart your walls without consent! Just because it happened to him doesn’t mean he had the right to execute yours and force you to see what you didn’t want to!

    But, at the same time, it hurt how much he did. Maybe that’s the thing, could it be that he’s trying to get you to see what you already saw for the purpose of... saving you? Why would he do such a thing? Did your visits make him grow fond of you to the point he felt a sense of security over you?

    Your mind battled with these thoughts back and forth until after lunch, where you kept solitary from your family. When you left your room, you had left your sleepwear and changed into a white gown Mother had recently gifted you to replace the previous one you had lost. It was lighter than alabaster, with thick laces securing the bodice to your front, and cloud colored lace covering the rest of your gown. You hastily tied your black cloak over your shoulders when you headed down the stairs, hearing a faint buzzing following not far behind you.

    “I’m going to visit Donna,” You announced to Bela, who stopped in the middle of the stairs meeting your gaze. “I’ll be back before dinner as usual,” You looked towards her, seeing her nod her head once in understanding.

    Donna, and of course Angie, weren’t exactly the best people to visit to talk about things like these. You didn’t plan on telling them much about this at all, you just needed a place to clear your mind and talk to people who weren’t living with you in the castle.

    Donna’s home was always changing, yet held the same warm coziness for as long as you remembered. It used to be your favorite place to visit when you first left the castle, and it still is, the trip always frightened you somehow due to her home being on the edge of an icy waterfall. Donna was kind, showing her joyful excitement to you through Angie. She’s read you stories and showed you her dolls, and even offered to make you ‘little friends’ of your own. Their was a time once where she offered to make you a beloved companion, one who would love and cherish you with absolute devotion.

    It was a thoughtful offer, but in the end, you realized you didn’t need to speak to Donna or Angie at all. Their was no other person you needed to see rather than the man you were angry with.

    The smell of his factory was still something you couldn’t get used to, but you would’ve cared less to complain about it now. You pushed through the doors completely unannounced, hearing the man you were looking for yelling at something or someone, his voice muffled by a series of angry machinery. In an odd way, it sounded like he was arguing with the machinery.

    “Are you out of your fucking MIND!?” You shouted at him the moment you saw him, catching him completely off guard. He gestured his pointer finger towards you, preparing to speak until he was interrupted by yet another mechanical screech, sounding like an engine roaring to life.

    “QUIET!!” He roared back, reaching over and slamming the screen trap door shut. He exhaled through his nose, turning his attention back towards you.

    “Sorry, had to deal with some annoyin' ass things.” He walked over fast, hooking his hand around your elbow in a tight hold. You attempted to pull your arm away, but he was dead set on keeping it there as he yanked you along to leave the room.

    “Where the fuck are you taking me??” You cried out in your aggravation, seeing him shut the door before leading you towards a part of the factory you haven’t even been to yet.

    “Somewhere more private sweetheart, I can’t have stubborn ass machines screaming at my head all morning.”

    “It’s two in the afternoon!”

    “Yeah, well it’s still mornin’ for me!”

    Karl pulled you into a different room, slamming the door shut behind me. He finally let go of your arm, walking away from you while throwing his hat off somewhere to the side along with his glasses.

    You looked around the room, seeing that he brought you to his bedroom. If their wasn’t a bed over to the far left side, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was a bedroom. Their were metal pieces lying on the ground here and there, and a large desk containing an assortment of scrap metal, gears, and tools for said items. His desk was also cluttered with crumbled papers where he had wrote his plans, the faint scent of dust and oil lingering in the air. The man was an inventor, a tinkerer. It was something he does day and night. His factory was loud, messy, and exciting to him, it was everything he liked and more. In this room, you could still faintly hear the loud clattering of machinery, but it was the closest thing to peace and quiet you could get.

    “Now, what’s this about losing my mind?” He asked, making you refrain from practically screaming at him at his feign ignorance.

    “How dare you make a fucking scene like that! Especially in front of my Mother!”

    “Like I knew the oversized psycho bitch was there to begin with!” Karl raised his arms in the air, stepping closer towards you. "Its not my fault that I'm doin' the sensible thing here and tryin' to open your eyes before shit hits the fan an' you have a midlife crisis!"

    "I don't need you controlling the shit that I already know Karl!"

    "Oh right, right. Yeah, you'd rather hide it behind blissful ignorance and continue dressing up in fancy ass clothes! You'd rather pretend to be happy where you are, when in reality darling, you're nothin' but a fucking plaything to these people!"

    “Fuck you!” You shouted, seeing his stance change almost instantly. He stared at you, his mouth forming a thin frown as his eyes filled up with pent up rage. A small series of rattling noises came from around you as the metal scraps and junk began to lift from the ground, levitating in the air ever so slowly.

    All broke loose when a few of these said items came charging towards you, forcing you to panic and raise your arms to shield yourself, wincing at the impact that never came. They banged against the door behind you, creating angry dents along the surface, but none of the items even touched you. You looked over to the door slowly, lowering your hands to view just how deep these marks on the door were, wondering the damage if they did harm you.

    Another wave of scrap flew passed you without warning, slamming even louder and harder against the edges of the door. The metal kept the door from being opened, giving you the shock that you were trapped with this man.

    "Take off those clothes," Karl spoke up, approaching his desk to retrieve a large knife that was embedded into the table.


    "Take off those damn clothes!" He barked, tossing the knife without any form of warning beforehand. The blade zoomed passed your lower left shoulder, grazing against the fabric before cutting into your cloak, trapping the material into the door. You gasped in shock, feeling even more frightened by this action than the rain of metal prior. Your fingers quickly pulled off the straps of your cloak, the material hanging against the door from the blade.

    "That's one of them," He mused, seeing your glaring back at him with anger still fresh in your eyes. "Keep goin'."

    "You're an asshole," You muttered, your fingers going towards the straps on your bodice."

    "That's cute comin' from a brat," He spoke slowly, watching you untie your dress and proceed to pull the material off your shoulders. The soft fabrics rippling down to your feet, leaving you slowly stepping out of them.

    "Boots too." He gestured towards your legs, watching you lower down to untie them, slipping your feet out from them.

    "Ah Ah, those stay on." Karl stopped you before your fingers hooked around your underwear, leaving you to keep them by your sides.

    He stepped closer towards you, mindful enough to step over your dress as he got closer. You stepped back a bit until your back hit the cool metal door, making you shiver from the contact.

    "I can never seem to get enough of you,'' Karl reached over to his belt, pulling it off from his waist. "Pissed off or not, You make me always want to fuck the shit out of you."

    "What're you gonna do?" You couldn't help but ask, seeing him fold up his belt in his left hand. "What, you gonna whip me or something?"

    "Good guess," He chuckled with the shake of his head, "But no. Somethin' a whole lot better."

    He kissed you before you could ask, his free hand pressing against your throat while using his clothed body to keep you pinned and secured. As angry as you were before, the quickly heating kiss sent sparks down to your core, unable to fight the fact that the show he put on was incredibly exciting. Raising his voice, calling you a brat, coming from him they were incredible to hear.

    His throat left your neck and grabbed your shoulder, briskly turning you around to press you up against the door. You struggled a little when his hands gripped your wrists, making it even more difficult to right when he wrapped his belt around them, binding you.

    "Are you serious??" You looked at him. seeing his smile plastered on his face when you tried to move your arms but to no avail. He smiled the entire time with your pouting, going out of his way to pull off your panties in the process.

    He turned you back to face him again, smirking as he grabbed ahold of the handle of the knife and yanked it out of the door with ease.

    "I have a surprise for you, but I need to know something first." Karl gently brought the knife closer to your face, using the very tip of the blade to stroke the curve of your cheekbone with a featherlight touch. The sensation from a dangerous weapon on your body caused your heartbeat to ring in your ears and continuous chills to shoot down your spine, spreading goosebumps throughout your skin.

    "Have you ever had anything inside that cunt of yours other than your fingers?”

    You shook your head slowly, inhaling a little as Karl slowly dragged the cool blade in the valley between your breasts, the smooth blade tickling your skin. He couldn't help but gently run the tip against your nipples, frightening you a little when he scratched a little deep without cutting your sensitive skin.

    “No,” You swallowed slowly, “Just you and your fingers.”

    “Hmm, you’re damn right. What about any... special items? Toys?”

    You shook your head slowly.

    “Be honest.”

    You shook your head again. “I am being honest.”

    “I see,” He removed the blade away from your skin, making you relax just a little. He turned the knife around in his hand, holding the blade in his gloved fingers. Then, he placed the end of the handle in the same spot he had the knife before, pressing down lightly before continuing downwards.

    "Maybe I was a little unfair last night, I didn't get you to see yourself finish. So this time you will, but not with my hands and not with yours." The handle brushed against your folds slowly, the hard surface grazing against your clit in a way that made you gasp. He smirked at your reaction, enjoying the flush on your cheeks from your growing arousal as he pressed kisses along your jaw, running the end of the knife handle along your pussy ever so slowly.

    The knife handle was rather large, the polished blade naturally larger than the handle. The dark smooth mahogany handle was large too, big enough to fit Karl's hand for a nice grip he enjoyed. It was actually his favorite knife, and now he was using it on his favorite person.

    This new sensation left you feeling flushed and confused. It felt good, but at the same time it felt a little awkward and very surprising. Never would you think of the idea of using a knife for this sort of activity, but here you were with arms bound and Karl pressing one of the grooves of the dark knife handle against your clit again, making you hold back a bit of a whimper.

    "I don't want you keepin’ quiet," The man murmured into your ear, "This isn't the castle, If you're gonna scream you better scream your damn lungs out. Your hear me?"

    "Okay," You whined out a little, his hand immediately clutching onto your jaw with a bruising grip. "What was that!?"

    "Yes!" You spoke out again, seeing the man laugh in amusement. Even though you said yes, you were still adamant on keeping your mouth shut out of spite for what he did. You had a feeling that he knew that, and was more than happy to take on that silent challenge.

    “There's a good girl." Moving the knife away, he held onto your bound arms and pulled you along towards his bed. He sat down first on the edge of the foot of the bed, bringing you over to sit in his lap with your back facing him. Your bound hands grazed along his hard cock through his pants, leaving you to wonder just how much willpower this man had to prevent from taking what he wanted.

    "Look over there," Karl gestured with his head towards his work area, catching sight of a considerably large mirror on the wall near his workbench, lightly speckled with a thin layer of dust. It was wide enough to see the both of you sitting on the bed, leaving you watching as Karl’s hands spread your legs open, seeing his hungry eyes glued towards your glistening flower.

    After hooking your legs over his knees to prevent you from closing them, He didn’t waste no time in bringing the knife handle back towards your core, his leather clad fingers wrapped around the junction where the handle met the actual blade, protecting you from harm. You jumped a little as you felt it push against your hole, sliding inside with an accompanying amount of slick to lubricate it. It felt incredibly hard and warm, unlike anything you were used to before. It would’ve felt awkward if not for the rigid grips along the handle brushing up against your tunnel, finding a soft spot deep inside instantly making you gasp. You shut your mouth as fast as you had opened it, mentally cursing yourself as it drew an amused grunt from him.

    He stopped moving the blade then and there, surprised to find your sweet spot so soon. He set to work on a slow pace, watching from the mirror as it exited and vanished into your pussy, growing more wet from the friction that you quickly desired. You slouched against his chest, unable to keep yourself upright without the use of your arching arms. Your hips raised every second our so from Karl brushing over the same spot inside, the handle pressing harder into you as you couldn’t help but squeeze around it more, finding it harder and harder to keep quiet.

    The sounds that came from this were so erotic. The continuously wet sloshes from your core due to nothing more than a knife handle made you blush real hard, especially when Karl sped up the pace on purpose. The man loved it, he loved seeing you struggle to keep your composure as a few series of whines left you, your hips slightly rocking with the handle for more friction. It only made him increase the pace, just enough to give you the friction that wasn’t too quick, but more than enough to get your mouth to open up and release those beautiful pent up whines.

    You were close, and you didn’t try to deny the fact that you were. You didn’t expect the pleasure to feel so good, even with something as random as this.

    “Goddamn,” Karl hummed, watching how your attention had shifted away from your face towards his other hand between your legs. An idea popped into his head, forcing him to put on a straight face as he slowed down his movements. “On second thought-“

    “Mm! W-wait!” You perked up instantly, making him struggle to refrain from smiling as you lifted your head to glare daggers at his reflection, causing him to hold back a laugh.

    “I swear, if you fucking stop now I’m gonna add another scar to that goddamn face!”

    He laughed much louder than he ever had before. Seeing you angry was absolutely adorable in his eyes, but he wasn’t one to refrain from giving you what you want.

    “Yes ma’am,” He sped the pace again, increasing it more as full whines left your mouth. His other hand reached up to hold your jaw, keeping your head to look straight at yourself. “Watch yourself, watch that gorgeous face fall apart.”

    Knowing you’ll keep your head still, he moved his hand down towards your clit to give a few hard strokes, amplifying the pleasure as your core snapped, your back arching as you roughly exhaled your cries. You found yourself squeezing around the handle, your feet digging into his calves as your body rode the euphoric high. You really hated being bound, wishing your hands were free to grab onto any part of him you could. You could only watch yourself as your eyes fluttered, struggling to keep them open as the fire surged through your body, bathing you in its warm ecstasy.

    “That’s it,” Karl removed the handle from your sopping pussy, marveling at the sight of your slick coating the length. “Clean it up for me,” He brought the tip close to your mouth, watching your lips open to accept the tip of the handle in your mouth.

    “More,” He ushered, watching more of the handle disappear in between your lips as you sucked off your own essence. He was tempted to push more of it in your mouth, but set that idea towards the back of his mind for now. Last thing he needed was for you to be mad at another thing he did.

    “Are you taking these off?” You questioned lightly, motioning to your hands lightly. The belt slightly tugged on the skin of your wrists, irritating them a little bit.

    “Not yet sweetheart.” He picked you up in his arms, turning you around to face him as he moved more towards the middle of the bed. His hand opened his pants, pulling his cock free from his restraints. You watched him pull off a couple layers of clothes, leaving him in nothing but his pants and thin green t-shirt.

    “Please,” You begged him rather lethargically, giving up the façade as you felt more anxious by the second to be free of these binds. You were desperate to touch any part of him, even if it were as simple as his hands. Karl didn’t pay kind to your pleas, guiding his cock towards your entrance and grabbing your hips with both hands, ushering them closer as he slid in.

    Your eyes closed, a moan bubbling in the back of your throat as you felt the veins along his length brushing ever so deliciously against your walls. Their was no other feeling like it, it was one of the only things that could give you the greatest amount of pleasure. No words left either of you as you indulged in the sensation of him bottoming out underneath you, his hands keeping a firm hold along your soft hips.

    He was quick to begin a harsh pace, wasting no time to chase his own release while you began to build up yours. The contact of both your bodies creating wet, loud sounds that echoed through his bedroom. Karl was more vocal this time, growling out his moans from under you as his hand gently ran over your inner thigh, right over the bite mark that was still ever so tender.

    You whined louder from the contact, making him wince as you clenched around him a little too hard. He brought his thumb to your clit, rubbing hard circles to make you do it again as he forced a couple of harder thrusts against your core.

    “Fuuck!” You brought your head back, eyes closed as you bounced your hips in unison with his thrusts so he didn’t do all of the work. In this angle, he hit the spot inside so much easier and harder, and it was just the way you liked it.

    “Look at you kitten,” Karl panted, finding himself sitting up slowly while one of his hands held onto your waist, watching the way his drenched cock disappeared inside you repeatedly. “You’re so good. So fucking good.”

    “Mm-“ You could only whine in response, your head quickly finding refuge on his shoulder, “-Fuck Karl, I-Please, I'm so close!”

    “That’s it,” He could hear in your breaking voice that you were getting closer, your hips moving with a newfound vigor to chase your release. His hand found your jaw, beckoning your head to look straight into his seemingly multicolored eyes. “That’s it pretty girl, Come for me. Take what you need.”

    You released a serious of loud, uneven cries. Cries that Karl didn’t muffle or hold back from you, letting you be as loud as you possibly could as you came. You moaned out his name, feeling your body tremble against his as you shuddered around his cock. Whether the man used a sharp object or his own hands to release you mattered little, the relief rushing throughout your entire arms as they immediately wrapped around Karl’s form, gliding and scratching along almost every inch of his back.

    “Fuck,” He snarled like a rabid wolf, releasing your jaw to keep a firm hold on your hips as he reached his own release, nails digging deep into your skin while coming deep inside you. His groans and pants were loud in your ear, making you shiver in your afterglow.

    Both of you were quiet once again, a momentary state of exhaustion washing over both of your bodies.

    Your head kept its spot on his shoulder, your eyes closed as you held your secure hold on him. Karl’s arms had wrapped around your form, holding you close like one would a plush toy or an oversized porcelain doll.

    “I... Uh,” Karl spoke up a little, your eyes opening slightly from their content state to acknowledge him.

    “I didn’t mean to get you upset earlier,” He spoke out, making you notice the hesitant tone in his voice. Wait a second.

    “Are you apologizing?” You asked softly, seeing him cock his head slightly as he processed the idea. Was he? He was even questioning that himself.

    “Perhaps,” He admitted, watching a smile slowly stretch across your face.

    “You’re growing soft on me Heisenberg,” You mused, seeing his lips curl up in amusement.

    “Nah, just... didn’t mean to hurt you is all.”

    You smiled more, feeling your heart begin to melt at his words. Yeah, this was his own way of apologizing. Maybe his heart wasn’t completely made of metal and stone.

    Your smile faded slowly, a soft exhale leaving your lips. “You’re right though.”


    “Everything,” You measly admitted, turning your head away from his gaze a bit. “The whole y’know, blissful ignorance bull crap. You’re right about all of it, I’m aware that I’m lying to myself but I can’t help it. It’s all I got to stay safe.”

    Karl kept quiet, rubbing slow circles along your back. He hated just how much your situation was so similar towards his own. The big difference was that he always stayed aware, and had enough power to make his own plans. You however, you were just a powerless human, your only option was to hide behind the enemy so you didn’t become food.

    He didn’t see how Alcina treated you, he’d rather not be aware of the maternal affection she gave towards those pests you call sisters. It was the same affection she gave you, which fed you enough comfort to feel secure.

    He pondered the ideas in his head, thinking of what to do with this lost, scared woman in his arms. His first response was to protect you, especially with the purge only days away. He knew things would change fast, the plans he had needed to come to fruition soon.

    You had no one in your situation, but he was deciding to make you an offer you couldn’t refuse. One that would you keep you safe if you said yes.

    “Stay with me,” He said, making you lift your head to look up at him. “What?”

    “Just for a while, I have some things I need to talk about with you.”

    “Karl, for how long? I need to get back to the castle before sun down-“

    “It won’t even take that long,” Karl insisted, looking down at you with an affirming gaze. “Trust me on this one. Stay with me, please.”


    ↳ The winemaking techniques of Castle Dimitrescu can be traced as far back as the 15th Century, long before the current occupants of the castle.

    Alcina Dimitrescu uses this legendary, yet peculiar, technique to enrich the wine’s flavor intensity and bestow it with a thick bouquet.

    Her best vintage is Sanguis Virginis, meaning“maiden’s blood.” It is kept in a special ornate bottle decorated with intricate silver flowers.

    [ From Resident Evil Village Demo ]