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    There had been many fleeting encounters, which I had always tried to fill with romantic details. I hadn't stopped for a moment trying to be the best version of myself thinking about that woman.

    Finding myself on my knees, totally naked before her made my head boil with mixed feelings. I felt aroused, helpless, but also free, confident, stripped of any prejudice and totally surrendered to the moment.

    She, gracefully reclining in her armchair with her legs slightly crossed, was imposing.

    She wore a mischievous smile, fixing his gaze on my nakedness from his throne.

    - Come to me, little boy.

    He told me, accompanying the phrase with a wave of his hand.

    Moving on my knees I approached slowly until my face was a few centimeters from the palm of her hand, which indicated how far she allowed me to go.

    At first, she delicately slid her index finger gently caressing my cheek, while she watched, with pleasure of herself, as my gaze lit up with desire for her.

    I noticed how a pleasant sensation invaded me, absorbed in that caress, and I dove into it.

    An involuntary sigh escaped my lips, which was then accompanied by a succession of trembling gasps. Without hardly thinking about it, I reacted to her gesture wanting to return the caricature with my cheek.

    Just at that moment, in which I felt the most devoted to her, the most fragile, the most vulnerable, so hopelessly merged with her in that caress ...

    He told me firmly:

    - No.

    - Don't move ... little boy.

    To which hypnotized by her gaze, ecstatic in the moment, I obeyed without thinking.

    Then, she continued, sensually sliding the fill from her index finger along the profile of my chin. So slowly, she did it on my chin until he stopped it by sealing my lips, while whispering in my ear ...

    -Pffffssss. I know my little one ...

    -Have you been waiting for this moment for a long time?

    All the hair on my body stood on end, agitated, motionless, staring at that woman, while my hips trembled like a flan of pure agitation, fighting to contain the desire to move and merge with her.

    My breathing sped up while another moan escaped from my entrails in a mixture between pleasure and a slight pain, while she continued drawing my body, descending my neck.

    But this time using her nails. Exerting just pressure with the tip of the nail of her index finger ...

    Again she whispered in his ear:

    - Now tell me, boy ...

    -What did you want to ask me?

    I, stuttering, turned into a sizzling boiling cauldron ...

    I hardly said to her:

    - Please, Madam, I beg you, guide me ... pronounce in an almost unintelligible whisper ...

    - ohhh, boy ... - Are you sure ?.

    - This is a journey of no return ...

    She said, releasing the pressure she exerted with her nail on my neck and caressing my head with sensuality, but also with tenderness.

    Caught in her spell, I couldn't take my eyes off her endless legs, how good those black stockings looked in them, and her gorgeous high heels.

    Those high heels, that I recognized instantly because I had bought them. They were the best match for a Goddess, I thought.

    Then, she noticed the erection that denoted how excited I was by now. Slowly, she withdrew the hem of her skirt a few inches, allowing me to see part of her thighs. She uncross one of his legs, pointing with the toe of her shoe at the hardness of my erection.

    She leaned forward slightly giving me a good view of her generous cleavage ... While whispering in my ear:

    - Mmmm! ... looks like we have a little problem down there, huh?

    - I've brought a gift for you.

    - Are you going to be a good boy?

    - Do you want to see it?

    She said holding a box that had a red bow to match the perfect manicure on her hands.

    The arousal accumulated more and more in my hips, and I tried to reach the tips of those shoes by arching my back in a desperate posture of total surrender.

    - Yes please. I beg of you, Madam.

    I uttered in a muffled groan ...

    She slowly opened the box showing me the contents, a shiny metallic chastity belt, while, at the same time, she put the toe of her shoe in contact with my cock, and gave me a few taps on my balls.

    I could not explain well if it was the vision of that object, or feeling the contact of her shoes on my bare skin, or maybe it was when she leaned back towards me, checking with her hand how hard and wet I was, or all of it in her set, but at that moment, believe me ...

    I felt for a moment the happiness of being in one of the best moments of my life, moaning like a reborn child.

    - psfssss silence ....

    - Mommy knows ... little boy ...

    she whispered to me, caressing my face affectionately.

    -You should relax....

    She told me as she masterfully put the first pieces of the cage in place.

    The fact of feeling his hands on me, Feeling the metal ring hugging the base of my cock, feeling the metal surrounding my balls ... made me even more excited, unable to relax.

    - MMM....???

    -Stay there boy ...

    -Don't lose that erection ...

    -Mommy will come now to help you ...

    She said smiling.

    Then, making a graceful goodbye gesture with his hand, she got up and going to the kitchen left me there, alone, kneeling and spliced.

    Shortly after he returned, he settled back on the sofa and, without a word, applied a bag of ice to my cock.

    The contrast made her moan loudly.

    She laughing, and with her hand covering my mouth, she began to tell me.

    - pfssss ... hush, boy ...

    - ohh !!! What's up little?

    - You see, how mommy can help you?

    - Do you see how easy it is for me to handle that thing that hangs between your legs ???

    - Do you see how easy it is for me, boy?

    Frustration washed over me. Noticing how one of the most intense erections he was able to remember slowly faded in the hands of that woman. At the same time that an unknown feeling of happiness grew in me just as she closed the chastity belt and told me.

    - You are a good boy.

    -MY good little boy.

    - Welcome to MY world.

    - Welcome to "locktober"


    Dedicated to the woman who always accompanies me in my thoughts.

    Thank you, allways thank you. 🌹🙇‍♂️

    At your divine feet.

    -----------------------------------------------------------------To all those who have taken the time to read it.


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