12.24 Christmas Eve Strip Club Crawl - Spread Holiday Cheer and Chocolate Chip Cookies to Needy Strippers!

It's gotta suck for anyone who works Christmas Eve but it sucks particularly hard for Sex Workers. That's why we started the Christmas Eve Strip Club Crawl back in 2013. Since then, we've been brining fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to strippers every year on Christmas Eve.

This year, we're adding to the menu, slaves locked in chastity and forced to do lap dances! So, if you're not going home for Christmas or if you want to get your Kink on Christmas Eve before dealing with your family, meet us at Bar C at 8. Then, starting from Sam's Hoffsbrau, we'll go from club to club spreading Holiday Cheer, Chocolate Chip Cookies and forced Lap Dances!


5PM Cookie Bake at T/B/A Private Residence (member only)

8PM Dinner & Pro-Domme Social-

10PM Strip Club Crawl!

This Year's Crawl is Spansored by DAD


(DAD) is a collective of Pro-Dommes and their allies. Their goal is to highlight:

1. The hypocrisy, injustice and double standard that's applied to sex workers and the politicians that hire them. A Dominatrix who pees on Trump can be sent to jail, while Trump can pay to be peed on and he gets to be President

2. How mens sexual shame is the root cause of most of our problems as a society. Almost every major catastophe in the world right now is because some man is afraid the public will find out what he did with his pee-pee

3. The need for more Women in leadership postitions / positions of power

Our History:

DAD was founded in August 2016. It grew out of Tara Indiana’s satirical run for President against Trump, initially taking shape during a campaign fundraiser.  After the shock of the Clinton loss, it became necessary to channel the collective power of our group to organize political actions, both to protect the rights of the differently-pleasured under a Trump administration and do what we can as Dominatrixes to help get Trump Impeached.