Do you think you’re gonna weigh in again soon?

    I haven't really decided to be honest. I have been so used to massive gains that now that I'm slowing down my gain I didn't want to feel "disappointed" if I only put on 5 or 10 pounds, I kinda like not knowing and just (feeling) bigger

    But that's not to say I'll never weigh in again, I'm sure I will at some point 😇


    Not sure who else to tell about this so here i go. I had a dream where i was you and your feeder's housemate or smth but mostly we kept our lives separate, you did your thing and i did mine, except for a brief bit where you asked me if i had any grilled cheese, so i grilled you a cheese. Nothing else to say except keep winning at life! I want a grilled cheese 🙈


    man i thought you said you were going to slow down after your first year of feederism 😅 definitely not disappointed!!! if anything i’m 🥵🥵

    It's still my goal to slow down my gain but my appetite is not cooperating and who knows how long it's gonna take me to get it under control 😵


    In a completely nonjudgmental way. What about feeding excites/ intrigues you?

    For me it's always been about the loss of control, I love just taking an edible, ordering a bunch of food and just mindlessly glutting myself without a care in the world.

    It's such a fucking hot feeling for me to just lose myself in food and getting fatter as a result 😏


    You put on ~30 pounds in that very first month of non-stop stuffing, right? If you were to try a month like that again, how much do you think you could gain? The amount of calories it takes to maintain has gone up, but so has your appetite…

    49 pounds actually 🙈

    I doubt I could ever go as hard again, I'd have to likely double my intake to come anywhere close to that gain and it was already an INSANE amount of food I was throwing back each day

    Let's not forget that little fantasy fueled gain cost over 10 grand! 🥵


    Looks like your appetite spent the weekend showing who’s really in charge 👅

    I never realized just how hard it would be to get my appetite under control. I have CONSTANT cravings and always say to myself "well I could just eat one more thing" until I'm literally beached on the couch struggling to breathe 🥵

    Ever wonder what it would be like if a Twitch streamer had feedee redemptions? Hope you enjoy my latest role play as the "Slobby Streamer" 😈


    I’m watching your most recent “throwback” video that you posted and goodness! You had already gained a lot by the time that video came out but about a year later and your so much bigger.

    I more than DOUBLED my size since that video, it's crazy hot to think about 🤤