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2020-07-11 00:58:06

    What was for you recording your last video being such a spolied fat princess? How close to real life it it? Btw you look gorgeous in the video

    That idea was actually a common role play suggestion, and I’ve seen it done a few times before as well.

    It’s been a video that both me and my feeder have wanted to do for awhile!

    I would say it is close to the truth, but I’m more of a whiny princess than I am a bossy one. I know sailor moon is such an aesthetic, but if you’ve ever watched the dubbed version of her whining for snacks and being lazy and wanting attention from Darien (Mamoru), I literally sound like that.

    I’m more of a, “Baaabe, pleeeease get me soda with ice, I’m so thirsty and I don’t want to get uuuuup” 🥺

    Rather than, “Babe, get me my soda now, I want sugar in me immediately.” Which is what the video is more like 😂

    <>Role Play POV: After months of being pampered and spoiled I’ve gotten used to a lifestyle of being handed everything as I lay about lazily stuffing my face..

    I’m a big spoiled fat brat, demanding food, drinks and belly rubs from my feeder as he waits on me hand and foot!


    Do you want to continue gaining weight?

    I answer this and many more questions on my blog 😘



    Next workout you do you should have your feeder feed you during. Bite of donut after every sit up, push ups with a pie under you, walkikg on the treadmill while being funnel fed. What do you think?

    I love the idea of my feeder feeding me...but the idea of exerting physical effort again pains me 🥵


    My feeder and I want to try weed to help her with stuffings, but neither of us have tried it yet. How do you use it? How many? How often? Thanks, you are the best, my feedee loves you 🥰

    I’m kind of wary of offering advice on “how to use weed” ...especially if you’re asking me “how many” you should use 😅

    I would honestly suggest you do your own research on the affects of weed since I am concerned that you may be young...maybe reddit for first time use advice, since I don’t feel like an expert. I’m sure others might feel qualified on here to give you advice, but remember everything is subjective.

    Be safe! ❤️


    Holy fuck that workout outfit on you is incredible! 😍🤤 What I would give to have seen that being filmed live! Can only imagine the stares you got trying but failing to be active 😜

    It’s funny, people love to look but when you look back they act like they weren’t staring 😆

    Like, it’s okay love, I know you want a belly like this 😉


    I love eating and i want to gain but i cant afford to order so much food any tips?

    As many have recommended to me, you can try cooking at home! If I were to have tried to save money from my challenges, I would have made more home cooked meals 😝

    Maybe look up fun recipes on Pinterest or YouTube cooking videos for inspiration. For some of my crazier stuffings, I got inspiration from Epic Meal Time 😂