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    Gale, grasping Tav’s hand in his, speaking passionately as he reads from a sheet of parchment: I swear, with all the Gods above as my witness, to love you for the rest of my life and beyond. My sole purpose is to cherish you so deeply and with such devotion it will make the stars weep. I want to lie with you under the evening sky and make love to you until our cries can be heard from the heavens. I want to find ways to pleasure you so intensely that your nails will permanently mark my skin. I want my hands to be more intimately familiar with your body than your own. I want to taste every last inch of you.

    The cleric officiating Gale and Tav’s wedding (in front of Gale’s mother Morena, Tara, the Dekarios extended family, Elminster, Shadowheart, Astarion, Wyll etc., and a smattering of Gale’s Waterdeep colleagues): …thank you, Gale, for those very…descriptive vows. If we may continue with the ceremony, do you hereby take—

    Gale: I have eighteen more pages to read




    Gale is husbandcoded. Think about it.

    You have the rest of the companions who are hot and you can see yourself fucking and having intense relationships with; and then theres Gale who is the guy you sit down at dinner with to talk about how the tax returns this year werent as high as expected, or how you need to buy more fabric softener.

    Like you cant imagine going grocery shopping with Astarion. But with Gale? Its like he belongs in the cereal aisle choosing the most organic brand of breakfast oatmeal.


    “He belongs in the cereal aisle choosing the most organic brand of breakfast oatmeal.”

    You g e t it

    He was created to be married. He was created to cuddle up to and watch tv with. He was created to yell at kids fondly about running down the stairs. He was created to stress out about tax season with you. He was created to drive a shitty family car with the politest aggressive road rage. He was created-