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2020-07-06 00:01:38

    Taking a Break,Guys!!

    I’m going to take a break from posting on here.I think I’ve taken 2 small breaks since I started this blog like 5 years ago.I still posted stuff when the no porn crap happened on here.

    I’m just feeling a little burnt out.

    I will still post on my YouTube channel.I just passed 1,000 subscribers.

    I also have a Pornhub channel called moistpubes.Just google pornhub+moistpubes and it will come up.One of the videos I have on there is a onlyfans Elizabeth Anne compilation in all her nude glory.I’m going to be uploading all my stuff that was taken off of here on there.You don’t have to be a member on pornhub to follow me.Just use google.I’m going to edit material together now that I can do it and it seems like I can post longer videos on pornhub.

    If any of my profiles on here,YouTube or pornhub ever get deleted,I will always be under Moistpubes on a new profile.

    Word to ya mutha!!!