Mommy's Little Fuck Toy
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2018-09-13 05:00:32

    Mommy wants you cum, baby. I know you want to. Get comfy and think of dirty things to get your pretty cock nice and hard. If you are lucky enough mommy might use it, and you can be my cute little fuck toy.

    Now be a good boy and stroke that cock. Don’t hold back now. Be nice and loud… If anyone hears you it’s okay. Then they’ll know what a naughty fuck toy you are for mommy.

    Be sure to cum lots. I want to see my baby covered in his own mess. Still glistened in sweat and huffing. Be sure to photograph the evidence for me. I would love to remind myself time and time again just how dirty you are.

    I’ll gladly clean you up, sweetie. But maybe if you beg I’ll let you do it again or maybe give you the honour of giving you my pussy to play with. But only good boys get fucked by mommy.

    So you better listen when I say get on your knees