ADHD is not a small issue for parents and youngsters. Lack of ability to focus, not following through, difficulty learning and ever present wandering mind. Mom had a special way of bringing my consciousness in the focus. She noticed me peaking on her, accidental body brushes against her tits and ass, her panty and lingerie drawers being rummaged through… Good for her finding the one thing that interested me most when I was 13, 14 and all the way up to my current age. Women’s curves and fucking. The reason for her walking around the house in her underwear was the ease of exposure if my brain gets in the overdrive. During my homework’s she would flash me a tit or ass or some pubic hair. If I scored a good grade on my tests, she would let me grope her. When I finished my semesters with good grades I would get the blow jobs until next semester starts. My grades improved, my concentration became much better and my confidence skyrocketed. One more benefit though. It seems like mom also enjoyed being appreciated as a sexual creature. Kinky one too. Over the years we have explored sexual fantasies in quite a detail.