Mom hates football. She feels like she does not get enough attention during the season. Her nagging about it started to bother me so I hatched a little plan to change the her attitude for the game. I told her that this year’s Super Bowl will be different. Instead of watching the game, I was planning to have an intimate weekend with her in the hotel outside of town.

I told group of my buddies I booked a room for the Super Bowl party with a surprise female entertainment. Of course, they were under impression I hired a whore to fuck during the commercial breaks.

When we arrived to hotel I revealed how i still want to watch the football season final match with a little twist. I intend to pass her around the room during and after the game. I know mom usually enjoys my little pervy surprises. Was the idea to make her a center of a gang bang too much for her to digest? For some moms I’m sure it would be. For my mom, it’s just an excellent way to build the appreciation for the game.