He first asked me to bend over and jump up and down. He was so shy about it. When I did it, it was just for fun and laughs but I was surprised with my teenage son’s reaction. He was not laughing. His eyes bulged out of his head, face became flushed, his hands trying nervously to cover his tenting crotch while tugging on it at the same time… I know that men always look at me with lust but I had no idea that I could entice such a reaction from my own boy.

Now I do it often and without waiting to be asked. I even kicked it up a notch. What I mean is I dress skimpy, I don’t mind if I accidentally expose myself, I talk dirty, jiggle and shake…

Why? Two reasons. First, I want him to become a confident man and do not shy away if he sees a woman he likes. Second, I enjoy immensely when a male is admiring me the way my son admires me. And for a bonus reason, why would I not take an advantage of a young hard cock that wants nothing more than fuck me all the time, every day, all day long?