My dad’s fiancée was a gold digger. He knew about it and did not care. Dad just wanted to have a trophy wife to look good in front of his friends and business partners. Unfortunately, dad passed away in a tragic car accident. Now my step mother to be is upset. Not about her future husband dying. The bitch is upset that she won’t be cashing in after all this time she invested in getting a sugar daddy. Must be tough to give up on all the financial security she thought she had and get back on the streets of the shitty part of the town she came from.

Fortunately for her, I decided to throw her a life line. I always liked her big tits and a slutty demeanor. So if she wants to have a sugar daddy, she can have me. I’m a bit young but I’m filthy rich. Of course, I won’t marry her but I could take care of her. For a price of course.

I am just in the middle of explaining what I would expect from her in return for financial help. She is a bit surprised how sexually perverted I am. Way more than my dad was. But she is not outraged.

She is mulling it over.