Mom loves to flaunt her cleavage in public. However, she says that it is embarrassing when I am the one who gawks at her boobs in front of everybody the most. So she sent me this selfie in hopes to help me get it out of my system and stop making her uncomfortable in the company of others. I wonder if she understands what getting it out of my system really means. It means jerking off to her tits. If anything, her selfie will make me even more horny for her but she does not need to know that. So I keep on asking for her selfies and she happily keeps on sending them. Just wait until I up the ante and start asking for her nudes. If she does not agree I’ll just go back at staring at her tits in public again. And if you think she is not secretly pleased with my interest in her body, you are not paying attention.


    You may think it’s odd but this is the relationship between my mom and me and both of us are enjoying it. Mom found out that I peek at her in the shower. I had to admit that I love looking at her tits. Yes, at first she wanted me to stop, but since I kept on spying on her she developed the taste for it. Now she helps my observation of her curves by keeping them more accessible throughout the day. As I approve of her braless look, mom approves of me beating my meat in front of her.


    She is too dumb to be a threat in the game but she is quite competitive and she keeps on trying to eek out a win. When we play chess I don’t mind mom thinking for 20 minutes before each move, making a decision then pulling the piece back to rethink it again. While she concentrates on her next move, I concentrate on other aspects of the game. Who knows, she might win one of these days if she figures out that increasing her cleavage also increases her odds.


    There is something so hot about the women who is a whore by nature but acts like she is shy, too scared or too uncomfortable to be fucked. A bit of resistance, a modicum of bashfulness but in fact ready for dick from the get go. Mom is well aware of the effect her reluctance has on me so she plays like she is cornered against her will. How do I know? It does not take a genius. She is wearing the lingerie, she has her make up and hair done and her cunt is always wet and ready. Of course she wants a dick. I play the assertive male, she plays a demure and submissive female and we both win. She gets it how she likes it-rough and hard, and I get it how I like it-an always available three hole slut. Now some will frown and say that it’s an incest but I say that dick can’t tell the difference between a regular bitch and a mom bitch. Nature has to take its course.


    my cousin just sent me video of his sister playing with her pussy... how should i respond?

    What do you mean how should you respond? Tell your cousin to ask his sister if she needs some help with that. She should not risk playing with strangers on account of so many perverts being around when she has two perfectly good perverts in the family. After that all three of you should think about the angle on how to start fucking their mom. Yours too for that matter. With this monkey pox being spread around, family cunts are the safest cunts. That’s what I’d do but you do you.


    Oh shit! Mom caught me spying on her. Well, the cat is out of the bag now. I figured I might as well tell her why I’m doing it since she asked. I told her how much I love to see her naked, how much I love her tits and ass, how much I’d love to fuck her, every day, all day long, in every way possible…

    Ya, she was shocked. Ya, I thought she would go ballistic on me. But she did not. She did not even try to cover herself better. What if she is thinking what I am thinking…


    Lovely lady!😍


    After two decades of dedicated work as a schoolteacher, she was never aware of young boys lusting over her curves all those generations. Sometimes, even dressing very conservatively cannot hide the ample curves. When I told her it came to her as a shock. A disbelief. But when I gave her a slinky piece of lingerie to try, mom began to realize what potential effect she must’ve had on young testosterone filled bodies. I think she likes the idea and I like the idea of her embracing her sexuality.


    Ooops! What?! Oh my god he grabbed my ass in public! How embarrassing! I’ll have to talk to him when we get home. We tickle and tease when we are alone. It’s just the game we have that both me and my son enjoy. I gotta get attention from someone since his father is never interested. Only, just because I let him grab me at home does not mean he can do it in front of everybody!


    Interesting. Women are never content with what they have.

    Mom’s two sisters were blessed with big double D boobs. Guys were always staring at them, catcalling them, asking them to dates, fucking them in high school, at the college, at the parties… They were getting so much dick they were complaining about men always objectifying them.

    And then there was my mom. She in turn had smaller tits and those beautiful eyes. Everybody complimented her on the eyes but she got fucked maybe once, maybe twice a month if she is lucky. Mom wanted to be a sex magnet. To be lusted after. To be a slut for guys.

    Here she is again. Wearing a seethrough top for me. I seem to be the one who can’t get enough of her tits even if they are smaller. Mom loves the attention I give her, she lets me fuck her and does not mind being a slut for me. But there is a sadness on her face. She wants to have those big natural knockers and be a slut for everyone just like her sisters are.

    This could make an interesting topic in psychology dissertation.

    My dad’s fiancée was a gold digger. He knew about it and did not care. Dad just wanted to have a trophy wife to look good in front of his friends and business partners. Unfortunately, dad passed away in a tragic car accident. Now my step mother to be is upset. Not about her future husband dying. The bitch is upset that she won’t be cashing in after all this time she invested in getting a sugar daddy. Must be tough to give up on all the financial security she thought she had and get back on the streets of the shitty part of the town she came from.

    Fortunately for her, I decided to throw her a life line. I always liked her big tits and a slutty demeanor. So if she wants to have a sugar daddy, she can have me. I’m a bit young but I’m filthy rich. Of course, I won’t marry her but I could take care of her. For a price of course.

    I am just in the middle of explaining what I would expect from her in return for financial help. She is a bit surprised how sexually perverted I am. Way more than my dad was. But she is not outraged.

    She is mulling it over.


    He first asked me to bend over and jump up and down. He was so shy about it. When I did it, it was just for fun and laughs but I was surprised with my teenage son’s reaction. He was not laughing. His eyes bulged out of his head, face became flushed, his hands trying nervously to cover his tenting crotch while tugging on it at the same time… I know that men always look at me with lust but I had no idea that I could entice such a reaction from my own boy.

    Now I do it often and without waiting to be asked. I even kicked it up a notch. What I mean is I dress skimpy, I don’t mind if I accidentally expose myself, I talk dirty, jiggle and shake…

    Why? Two reasons. First, I want him to become a confident man and do not shy away if he sees a woman he likes. Second, I enjoy immensely when a male is admiring me the way my son admires me. And for a bonus reason, why would I not take an advantage of a young hard cock that wants nothing more than fuck me all the time, every day, all day long?