Yesterday I did what I had to do. If I were to listen to her, she might’ve fooled me. She was saying:

    Eeek, hey I’m changing! You can’t just barge in my room like this without knocking! Now, what? Wait! No, put that away. You can’t expose yourself like that in front of me! No, what are you doing, no stop touching me there! No get out of my room! Oh my god, what has gotten into you? Stop this! No leave me be oh god you just ripped my panties! Stop this right now!!! I am your mother! No… you can’t… no don’t put that thing in…! No, ah, ah, ah… you should not… ah, ah, ah… be doing… ah, ah, ah… this is so… ah, ah, ah… wrong… ah, ah, ah… take it out… ah, ah, ah… I’m too old for you… ah,ah, ah… you are so… ah, ah, ah… perverted… ah, ah, ah… oh… my… god…d…d… d… drghhh… haaahh!!!!

    Oh my god, what just happened? I can’t believe you did this to me. I’m your mother, how could you even be attracted to me? Oh god, this better be the first and the last time. And you better not tell anybody about this.

    Today I was walking past as she was changing in her room. This time her doors were wide open. I walked in and she had the lacey underwear on. Her make up was carefully applied. Her hair was made. I cornered her against the wall, took my dick out and it waved at her eagerly. Today she did not say a word of protest. She was just stating an obvious fact while smiling at my dick.

    Are you gonna make a habit of coming to mom’s room whenever you want? Does your mom make your thing so hard? You know, you are going to make a whore out of your mom, is that what you want?

    I did not say anything. No need to. Mom figured it all out.


    Baby steps.

    First I told her that my buddies think she is hot. She was surprised at my comment and waved it off.

    Then I started gently slapping her ass while passing behind her saying how’s my sexy mom. She would chastise me by saying you better stop that mister. But there was no anger in her voice. Just a little smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes.

    Then I’d approach her from behind and give her long lingering hugs while pressing my groin in her behind. She would eventually squirm out of them but not before giving me a long moment to enjoy her close proximity.

    Along the way there would be a lot of sexual innuendos, double meaning expressions, comments of the sexually appealing women and men in TV. Mom would just proudly exclaim wow, look at my boy becoming a man and then answer my teases with innuendos of her own.

    Then my hugs turned into embraces followed by little kisses and open gropes of her ass. Kisses started on her cheek and neck but moved on to the lips first closed then open the with tongue action. She would just sigh why isn’t your father more like this instead never paying attention to me. I’d answer with some mocking joke on account of my dad which always followed with her hearty laugh.

    Then I’d call her hot and sexy, compared her with a celebrity lookalike then a porn star lookalike. She would ask me who they are, I’d quickly google their pictures to show them to her. She would say that these busty curvy women are far more beautiful than her. I’d say nonsense, you already have the curves and if you had a proper lingerie, and proper makeup artist and proper photographer, your pictures would be far more beautiful. She always denies in disbelief but absorbs every word I say. I just keep on talking while holding her close in my arms, my pelvis thrusted in her and my hands continuously mauling her ass.

    Then I suggest she should try getting her pictures done as well. Supposedly to reassure her that she isn’t just a frumpy housewife. I tell her that she would look good in a slutty outfit, that she could look like a highest prized porn star and highest paid whore. She is not resisting the idea. She just stands there looking at me without a word but with eyes that say yes please.

    Then, I reach out and grab her tit. I squeeze and pinch and play and molest her flesh. She just stands there with permissive expression on her face. I ask her if she would like to be a slut for me. I tell her that I want her to be my whore. I promise her that I would make her look very fuckable in lingerie and that I’ll take porn star pictures of her. I demand she becomes available to me and my substantial needs for sexual release. I promise this will stay between us but she must have me claim her. I tell her I want her to belong to me and that I’ll take care of her from now on. By now, her eyes are closed and breaths are deep.

    At last, while still manhandling her tit I ask her if she is wet. Her eyes still closed, she nods yes almost imperceptibly.


    When mom has a fight with dad for not paying attention to her and needs she has, she tries to feel better about herself. She dresses up and then walks the streets at night in hope of some acknowledgement. Maybe someone will approach her with kind words she will appreciate. Like how much for a blowjob? Maybe she will get lucky to be led in one of the darker alleys, bent over and her pussy pounded. When will she realize that she could still find the comfort at home even without dad’s participation? 


    i don’t think you can see it well from that angle but trust me when I tell you that those look like you are wearing granny panties. They cover way too much. If you want to be hip you gotta keep up with the modern trends. Girls these days wear tiny little g strings. …if they wear any underwear at all. In short, stilletos are great, hoses look good, mini skirt is nice but mom, if you want to go out with me tonight, you better do something to show off more of your pussy. I want everybody to think I’m a stud for dating a slutty looking MILF.


    What do you mean why? It’s not a rocket science. When you raise your arms, your tits do not just hang like cow’s udders. That’s why. Being an escort is not just about sucking dick and letting men fuck you. You also have to sell it. Since you lost your job during lockdowns you gotta make an extra effort to advertise your goods. Not all guys like the woman whose teats hang down to her navel like I do. So, yes go ahead and raise your arms so I can take a picture for this escort website. There ya go! You know mom, you already are a great fuck for me and when you get used to it I think you’ll be a great whore for the other guys!

    Some people are really touchy-feely. They constantly crave a human touch, a closeness of another body. Maybe that’s why my mom loves it when dad’s friends come around or my friends or even strangers she randomly meets out there. She is lucky dad does not mind. And as far as me, as long as I have constant access to her body, I am ok with it too. Dad and me are just not of a jealous kind. We understand mom can’t help herself being a whore but she still loves us the best.


    This is disgusting! I mean, I understand you feel like you need a more intimate physical contact and release of sexual frustration. Especially now that dad is not paying attention to you anymore. But with dogs mom? Why didn’t you come to me? You can make out with me anytime and if you want to suck a dick you can suck on mine. It’s cleaner than dog’s! I mean yeah, incest is wrong but bestiality is disgusting!


    Why not mom? I’ve seen your tits before. Why won’t you let me take a picture of them? Come on, let me do some nice slutty shots so I can jerk off to it when you are at work. What do you mean I’m perverted? You don’t mind your own son fucks you but when I want a nice whorish picture of you then I’m the perverted one?! Mom, you make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Now lower your hands already and show me those cans.


    Some would characterize our relationship as complex. Mom is one of those people who will take a compliment but will not be convinced it is genuine unless she is shown some proof. This comes from some high school traumas when she was bullied for being overweight. She lost tons of weight since but somehow she still thinks she is not desirable. I feel bad for her as she really tries hard. She exercises, she dresses slutty, she flirts… anything for some acknowledgment that she is attractive to men. If I tell her she looks very fuckable she just waves it off. If I tell her that she looks like a porn star, she thinks that I only say that to try to make her feel good. So to lift her moods I have to prove it to her I like what I see. That’s why I take my dick in front of her and jerk off while looking at her or groping her. She tells me I’m a very bad boy and that I’m nuts for behaving like that in fron my own mother but there is a huge grin on her face once I ejaculate.