Homewreckers Paradise
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2022-11-28 06:47:59

    Damn... When I came back to Tumblr on a new account, I didn't think it would blow up like this.

    I was thinking I'd get maybe 1,000 followers. Because I was mostly doing reblogs. I'd find a good picture on Facebook that spoke to me and I'd put a story to it to put here. A few of the more popular blogs picked up some of my stories and reblogged them...

    Then the PMs started coming in.... Dudes... If there's not a wedding ring on your cock, you'd better ask before you send it or you're going to get blocked.

    My tits, ass, pussy, me giving head, cum in my pussy, cum all over my face, are all over Tumblr and the rest of the internet too much already. Quit asking.

    Hubby knows I cheat on him, so trying to blackmail me into whatever stupid thing you want to try is going to fail.

    Yes I'll fuck your husband/boyfriend. That dude you put in the friend zone because "I'm the only girl that would ever fuck you, and I have a boyfriend".

    I didn't think I'd ever get real on here, but here we are. Hubby knows I have this blog and I talk about him and is and me and... He doesn't know about my other account that was almost exclusively "here's my tits, now tell me I'm pretty".

    Here's all the pictures I am willing to share, all in 1 spot.


    Great blog, straight lady and on 1,2,5 and 6 better than wifey.

    First time visiting back home in my life... im there alone with all my cousins who are mostly male. They say a girl from america they expected to be dressed more proactive. They started taking me out with them and insisting i wear something that shows more skin to impress their friends.

    Would you say this worked??

    This night, 7 of them ran a train on me. I had to drop the good girl act after that.

    Best trip of my life!! They went wild on me and spoiled me with so much attention!