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    National organizations funding bail across the U.S.

  • National Bail Out
  • The American Bar Association
  • Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
  • Freedom for Immigrants
  • Local organizations funding bail for immigrants

    Tucson Second Chance Bail Fund
    Colorado Freedom Fund
    Bay Area Immigration Bond Fund
    Immigrant Families Defense Fund
    The Orange County Justice Fund
    Connecticut Bail Fund
    Immigrant Bail Fund
    LGBTQ Freedom Fund
    Hawaii Community Bail Fund
    Champaign County Bailout Coalition
    Chicago Community Bond Fund
    Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project
    Louisville Community Bail Fund
    New Orleans Safety & Freedom Fund
    YWCA Greater Baton Rouge Community Bail Fund
    Massachusetts Bail Fund
    Minnesota Freedom Fund
    Omaha Freedom Fund
    Vegas Freedom Fund
    <>New York City
    Bronx Freedom Fund
    Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
    Lorena Borjas Community Fund
    WSLS Bail Fund
    <>New York State
    Columbia County Bail Fund
    EOC of Suffolk Inc. Charitable Bail Fund
    OAR of Tompkins County Bail Fund
    Syracuse Jail Ministry
    <>North Carolina
    Southern Coalition for Social Justice Bail Fund
    Alamance County Community Bail Fund
    North Carolina Community Bail Fund of Durham
    Portland Freedom Fund
    Dauphin County Bail Fund
    Philadelphia Community Bail Fund
    Philadelphia Bail Fund
    Hamilton County Community Bail Fund
    Memphis Community Bail Fund
    Nashville Community Bail Fund
    Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee Fianza Fund
    Community Bail Fund of North Texas
    Richmond Community Bail Fund
    Roanoke Community Bail Fund
    Charlottesville Community Resilience Fund
    Northwest Community Bail Fund
    Free the 350 Bail Fund

    DIRECTORY OF IMMIGRATION BOND FUNDS National organizations across the U.S.

  • Freedom for Immigrants National Bond Fund
  • Haitian Immigrant Bond Assistance Project
  • LGBTQ Freedom Fund
  • RAICES Bond Fund
  • <>Arizona
    Pima Monthly Meeting Immigration Bond Fund
    Bay Area Immigration Bond Fund
    Immigrant Families Defense Fund
    Orange County Justice Fund
    San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium – Borderlands Get Free Fun<>d
    Immigrant Freedom Fund of Colora
    Immigrant Bail Fu
    Eastern Iowa Community Bond Proje
    Beyond Bail & Legal Defense Fu
    Kent County Immigration Bond for Our Neighbor’s Defense
    Minnesota Freedom
    New Hampshire
    NH Conference UCC Immigrant and Refugee Support G
    New York
    LIFE Bond Fund (New Sanctuary Coalition)New York Immigrant Freedom
    Ohio (includes Northern Kentucky)
    3R Fund for Immigr
    Fronterizo Fianza
    Hutto Community Deportation Defense & Bond
    RAICES Texas Bond
    Vermont Freedom Bail
    Cville Immigrant Bond
    Fair Fight Immigrant Bond


    “Pants were invented for men” not according to my ancestors.

    Pants were invented for riding horses. People who didn’t have nomad horse culture all wore dresses. Dress wearing old greek men considered pants to be the mark of barbarism. Like the Scynthians and Samaritans.

    Also- the Scynthian and Samaritan tribes were known for equality between genders. Where women were renouned hunters and archers. They are where the greeks got the idea for Amazons.

    So sorry bro pants are totally for women. You just mad its for riding something that’s not you.

    Okay but like based on genital structure, it would actually make sense for mean to wear skirts and women pants, why are we even talking about logic

    the scottish did it right

    The Scottish did it to hide more knives

    The Scottish did it right

    Found this on Facebook! BOOST!

    Tell Etsy that #ThisIsNotNative

    This is why I stopped selling on Etsy. I got really sick and tired of all that nonsense.

    Please support Native people!!!! In any way!!! Even if its spreading this good message around!!!!


    there’s also salwaycc.com!!!

    people say the Magnus Archives isn’t funny but then what do you call the bit in “First Hunt” when an old man tells a harrowing story of his friend being murdered by a werewolf that proceeded to hunt the old man for sport for hours only for Jon to say “that’s nice but it happened in America so that’s really not my problem, is it?”

    and what do you call the end of “Blood Bag” when, after hearing about a man dying on the spot after being set up by a swarm of innumerable paranormal mosquitoes, Jonathan’s entire response is “personally I hate mosquitoes and cannot believe this idiot was trying to deal with them nonlethally. 0 sympathy from me sir.”

    Hi! My name is sword, and i’m a black nb lesbian and today’s my birthday! My following has slowed down a bit because I’ve focused on OC art, and I would love it if you could promo me!

    My art has gotten fairly popular uncredited, and you may have seen these emojis around a lot of popular posts:


    I’m the creator of these emojis! So please, if you’ve used these emojis in your servers/camera rolls/posts, and you’d like to support me and my art, please con<>sider following me and/or dropping a t<>ip at paypal.me/mothknights

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    not to be a part of the "adults can't enjoy children's media" group but some of you are literally incapable of participating within a "fandom" that's primarily made up of minors without making any of them uncomfortable or even straight up afraid of you, not everything needs to be turned into a horny 100k word fanfic, not everything needs to have nsfw fanart of cartoon characters in lingerie, get the fuck over your boner for that media and just be a normal adult or you can just literally never make contact with any kids or cartoons ever again jesus christ

    Anyway, while Joss Whedon is in the spotlight again for being a douche, here’s your reminder to stream The Old Guard next Friday, a superhero comic book movie from Netflix that’s

    - Directed by a Black woman

    - Is written by the original comic’s creator

    - has a dark-skinned Black female lead

    - has LGBTQ romance

    - has Charlize Theron fucking ppl up


    My body is so ready