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    The look on her face when she realizes


    Here’s what they said if you didn’t understand-

    Interviewer: What do you think about starting an initiative on campus here at UK, to be more inclusive to women who have penises? So we can put urinals in the womens restroom for them.

    Student: Sounds fantastic.

    Interviewer: Oh, does it?

    Student: Yeah.

    Interviewer: What about- Let’s take it one step closer, y'know more- for inclusivity here on campus, but free tampons and pads in the mens restroom for men who have periods?

    Student: Sounds great.

    Interviewer: Ok- You dont see anything wrong with those statements?

    Student: No.

    Interviewer: What men do you know with periods?

    Student: I generally use- ones like in Willy T* have pads, I use them pretty often.

    *(Willy T is the college nickname for their library I’ve heard.)