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    Hey don't reblog this shit

    Just completely ignoring the fact that terfs don't want trans people to exist and blaming people justifiably being pissed about a group of people that goes out of thier way to harm us both on here and irl

    Love the implication here that the thing that made them say this was the commentary of multiple TikTok videos of white women crying hysterically and then stopping and smiling and that everyone who said it was fucked up was totally a leftist white man only looking for bingo points and not a bunch of black people commenting how scary the behavior was and how it's remiscent of vile shit irl

    Yeah... The post beneath it wasn't about radfem shit but it's from a radfem who I've already blocked

    They've also been interacting with multiple blogs I've put on a private list for being edgy cunts, most of which are either openly racist/antisemitic/trans/homophobic or hide those sentiments behind irony poisoning.

    I do not think this person is fash but they're certainly a prick

    I'm not gonna blame anyone for this one because this didn't have the glaring red flags they usually do. Though first hint should've been the first sentence.


    theyre making the rounds again with this

    stop fucking enabling transphobic fascists


    I'm showing my software engineer flatmate tumblr code and glitches and he just keeps getting more and more agitated


    "and people use this site??" bad news chief its my primary social media


    I'm having to reblog this manually because guess what social media's mobile app decided to remove fast reblogs


    I use tumblr exclusively on mobile and it sucks that they removed fast reblogs




    i just updated mobile a solid minute ago and i can still fast reblog?


    the fuck is a fast reblog


    He's correct and he should say it.


    I’ve been trying to ignore the comments on this post for days, but we’re going on 10k notes, now, and I’ve had a bit too much MCU Stans Being Willfully Ignorant And Purposely Misinterpreting Quotes this morning, so let’s take a crack at this.

    First of all, it’s not an attack on genre films, generally. It’s not even an attack on a genre of film, specifically. He didn’t speak about “superhero movies” as a whole, like Ridley Scott or James Cameron have in the recent past (although, let’s face it, the genre is synonymous with Marvel at the moment, anyway). He expressly targeted Marvel films; the MCU in particular. Gee, I wonder why.

    He also didn’t say that they were “bad”, he called them theme parks. You read that superficially and assumed that he meant, “Things that are fun” but what he actually meant was, “Things that are built with the soul purpose of funneling people into seats to be optimally profitable.” 

    It’s very amusing to me that you folks will log on Tumblr to hem and haw about late stage capitalism, but then leap at the chance to defend your favorite Mickey Mouse production from the scary old man who’s been trying his best to make good films for 50yrs. What good, respectable consumers!

    Lastly, he refers to cinema as “human beings trying to convey emotional, and psychological experiences to other human beings,” and you guys all either went, 1) “Cinema just means it’s a movie played in a theater, hurr hurr hurr,” 2) “Thor almost cried one time when he planet blow up,” or 3) “That’s pretentious! Everything is art! My cheerios are art!” and again this is missing the point. 

    When you watch a Marvel film, a writer didn’t decide that he had something interesting to say about Frog Man and pen a script, and then a director didn’t get to take said script and produce a work through their own artistic lens. A boardroom full of people in suits sat around and decided which licensed properties they already owned the rights to would be most profitable, and how it would fit into the conveyor belt of content they’d already pre-designed, and then they controlled every single aspect of that production, down to tone and color grading. And if you don’t believe that, ask Edgar Wright.

    Martin Scorsese gave you guys an incredibly milquetoast, obvious criticism of movies you slurp down, and it made you all fume, but what you should be mad about is that you’re forced to consume fast food art when you could, just as easily, be getting filet mignon with the same genre and character roster.

    Everyone likes to bring up Black Panther, but can you imagine a world where the incredibly talented Ryan Coogler hadn’t been handcuffed by a corporation. Can you imagine the movie that could have been? 


    [Id: two tweets by Hind Hassan @/HindHassanNews reading:

    I’m inside the Israeli Supreme Court Sheikh Jarrah hearing where the entire proceedings are now taking place in Hebrew only. Despite the fact that all the Palestinian residents - who are facing losing homes - speak Arabic there are no Hebrew to Arabic translators at all @/VICENews

    The vast majority of Palestinians in this Sheikh Jarrah court hearing - which could determine the course of their entire future - do not understand a single word being said as it’s all in Hebrew. Those who understand are whispering translations to those sat next to them / end id]


    im so sorry if this is a really dumb question but is there any way to donate and help South Korea with the pandemic/vaccine distribution?

    no it's not because sk doesn't have money it's because we don't have sovereignty.

    so instead u can pay attention to the coup the US is trying to pull off in cuba right now, read up on what's been happening in haiti and bolivia and palestine.

    and read this free zine about ongoing struggle for liberation on the korean peninsula.


    can everyone who reblogged my original post about covid in south korea pls reblog this too thank you!! the zine is fairly short and a couple pages talk about the pandemic!!