First, because you've been locked so long it's begun to seem good, right, and true. Your body has convinced your mind that it's your proper state. Second, you've never felt such submissive bliss before, & you don't want it to end. But the most important thing, the reason I know you're going to BEG to stay locked in your cage... is that you know it will please me. You've been locked too long to choose anything other than what I want. I didn't even need to tell you that, slave. You're already thinking about how to beg for more time LOCKED.


    Reblog if you want to be kidnapped and feminised!

    Be carful what you wish for beta boi, if you read this post and still choose to reblog you’re signing your life away. A feminist organisation will track you down,  abduct you and feminise you be on the point of no return. This post has all the consent we need. You have been warned!


    When y’all kidnap me, I would very much like to be restrained with either a straitjacket or an armbinder. Or you could mummify me. And I would prefer to be gagged with a locking penis gag or my lips sealed shut with black vinyl tape please.