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2020-07-11 15:53:33

    “I’m sitting here all alone while you’re at work and can’t stop touching this growing belly that you have given me. I can’t stop thinking of you being inside me; of what you left inside me to make me pregnant and it’s maddening. It’s turning me on to a degree I never have experienced. Are all pregnant women this way? Are they all as sexually ravenous as they grow more and more pregnant? I can’t think of anything else other than sex and this heavy belly that I’m now carrying is a constant reminder of what we did together. Of what made me into this woman. I can’t wait for you to get home tonight. Be prepared because I haven’t been able to satisfy myself all day no matter how much I’ve tried, so your night is going to be filled with catering to your pregnant wife’s every need and I need a lot right now. I need you inside me and I need you all over me. Hurry.”