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    CIRCUMCISION: The disease of circumcision

    The following was recently composed by an anonymous intactivist. Please share it with others:



    Circumcision Disease is a mental health disease/disorder of infected physicians and parents, who spread the disease to male children within their care.

    Circumcision is a chronic, lifelong disease passed from physicians to parents, from father to son, from mother to son, or from both parents to the child. The child who inherits Circumcision Disease is more prone to pass it on to his sons, although not all do.  It is spread by physicians through a solicitation process, and also through a contagious process among parents where circumcision is widespread among siblings and peers.  In African and Middle Eastern countries, male and female children are both at risk of being infected with Circumcision Disease, whereas in Western countries female children are less at risk.  Intersex children are also at risk for forms of genital alteration, a related condition.


    The cause of Circumcision Disease today is mental impairment by those with an overriding desire to amputate healthy body parts from the genitals of children.  The disease has similarities with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a mental health illness and form of child abuse in which a caregiver makes up or causes an injury to a child under his or her care.

    Types of Circumcision Dis

    1.    Gestational Circumcision occurs and is spread whenever a woman is first asked during pregnancy by medical workers if she wants her son circumcised. The idea is planted in her mind without merit but with the belief that circumcision must be a good thing. Otherwise, doctors who profit from it wouldn’t be suggesting and doing it.

    2.    After Birth Circumcision occurs immediately after the birth of a male child, when the doctor or nurse asks the mother if she wants her son circumcised, and the mother’s protective immune system is not yet strong enough to resist the suggestion.  Parents who do attempt to protect their sons from circumcision often must go to great lengths to isolate the child from infectious agents within the hospital.

    3.    Older Child Circumcision usually has different causes from younger child circumcision.  The male child is born healthy and kept intact, but after misinformation provided about care of the intact child, the child then acquires problems that the physician only knows how to treat by circumcision, and not with alternative methods of treatment.


    The symptoms of Circumcision Disease are diverse.   They appear even after physicians learn and parents are told that circumcision is no longer recommended by any national medical association in the world.  In Adamant Father Syndrome, the father insists that the baby boy be circumcised to look like him and refuses to listen to reason.  Other symptoms include parents disliking the looks of the natural penis, fears about diseases that will never happen, fears that the hygiene of washing an intact penis as one washes a finger will be too difficult to do, and fears that it will need to be done later because “Grandma’s brother’s neighbor” needed to be circumcised when he was an old man.

    Symptoms include the mistaken belief that the boy will thank them later for the loss of his foreskin, that circumcision is mandatory and “has” to be done, and that parents can do whatever they want to their child in the mistaken belief that it is their “right” as parents to treat their child as property. In physicians, Circumcision Disease manifests itself in the belief that parents should decide whatever they want to do to their sons, as the doctors decide how they want to spend the money they get from altering the healthy genitals of male children.  Mental health counseling is recommended in all cases, to help parents overcome their anxieties and fears, and to help parents and physicians experience compassion and respect for the bodily integrity rights of male children.


    The prevalence of Circumcision Disease is widespread in the United States, with an infection rate of over 50%, according to most recent statistics.  In the 20th century, circumcision disease was an epidemic throughout the U.S.  Today, the incidence of Circumcision Disease is highest in the Midwest, followed by the Northeast and the South.  The lowest incidence of Circumcision Disease occurs in Western states.  In Canada and Australia, Circumcision Disease is less common today, and in Europe, most of Asia, and in Central America and South
    America the disease is rare.  In Middle Eastern countries, the prevalence is high among males born into Muslim and Jewish families.  In Africa, Circumcision Disease is growing today as a result of American researchers spreading the disease among males in sub-Saharan African countries.


    Boys who acquire Circumcision Disease are at high risk of physical complications, both immediate and long term.  The disease has a long list of complications, and this list is not exhaustive.  Some of the more common risks include bleeding, infection, adhesions, skin bridges, inclusion cysts, abnormal healing, meatitis, meatal stenosis, urinary retention, chordee, epispadias, urethrocutaneous fistula, loss of sexual sensation and function, necrosis of the penis, amputation of the glans, and even death.


    Circumcision Disease is present whenever parents or physicians insist that a baby boy be circumcised, even though there’s no medical need for it and they can’t be persuaded to keep the healthy child’s genitals whole and intact.


    Prevention of Circumcision Disease is best achieved by not circumcising children, by not asking parents if they want their sons circumcised, by educating parents and doctors, and by providing mental health counseling for those who are adamant about spreading Circumcision Disease to others.


    Parents and physicians infected with Circumcision Disease need to be referred to mental health professionals for counseling.  The cure rate for this disease is unknown, but there is hope for a cure with psychological treatment.  When Circumcision Disease has infected a child, he needs to be watched carefully so that he does not acquire further infection or bleed to death. When the child becomes a man, he should be encouraged to research the functions of the foreskin as part of his treatment. Although the lost foreskin can never be totally replaced, some men achieve good results and satisfaction from non-surgical foreskin restoration. This is a long, drawn out treatment process, so prevention is the key to eradicating Circumcision Disease.  Education and counseling of parents and physicians before Circumcision Disease occurs are the most promising preventive measures available today.


    Of course the rate of infant male circumcision sexual mutilation is highest in Israel (home of the sexual mutilators known as Jews) plus Nigeria and S. Korea (NON-MEDICAL infant circumcision sexual mutilation only introduced by the US military during the Korean Conflict).   Because of some improvement in the US during the last 20 years, the US is not colored red above.


    Circumcision is a vile and barbaric practice with no benefits to the victim, and in a supposedly civilised world, should be banned except for medical reasons.


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