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2023-02-05 21:26:42

    rb to save a person with anxiety!!


    I’m in the middle of a panic attack and literally this video itself helped lmao. My brain went from 0 to 100 real quick 😂😂 this is the most chaotic way of helping I’ve ever seen


    I thought this was going to be like,,, a joke or something but like this is some solid advise.

    The last time I hate a panic attack I sat down and just. ate a raw radish because I didn’t like the taste and it was crunchy. My brain stopped thinking about the panic attack and went to “why the fuck are you eating a radish” and within a minute I felt so much better


    Cut to me aggressively gnawing on lemons on an airplane


    I don’t know where the post went, but I remember seeing someone go “suck on ice cubes” and I thought it was weird until I was spiraling and grabbed an ice cube. It helped ground me a lot more than I thought!!!