“Why do you keep staring at my feet?,” you hear your skater friend ask you.  “No I haven’t,” you say back. “Yah, you have. I see you keep looking down at them all the time. You got a foot fetish or something?”  You gulp, a bit nervous, and quickly say back,”No I don’t,” trying to deflect. Your friend gives a sly grin and raises his size 12 up to your face replying,”No need to by shy about it. Just admit you like feet.”  He wiggles his toes a bit at you and you finally break, confessing you are into guys feet and have loved looking at his feet. Before you have time to finish talking, he moves his foot forward, pushing his sole firmly against your face. “Smell it,” he chuckles lightly. You deeply sniff his foot, pushing your nose into his padded sole. He drags his bare foot down your face and starts squeezing your nose with his toes. You breathe in the air between his toes. “You like?,” he asks.  You nod your nose ‘yes’ against his toes. “Guess I’ll have to start making you sniff my feet after we skateboard,” he follows it up and rubs his foot up and down your face for a bit. “Lick,” he demands and you immediately drag your tongue over his bare soles, tasting the light saltiness of them. You lick at his toes and he eventually pushes his big toe in your mouth. After several minutes, he tells you to lay on the floor where he proceeds to just smother your face with both huge feet. Having you smell and worship his feet for the better half of the afternoon.