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    Victor Frankenstein: I’ve created life but I refuse to put any effort into helping that life develop. I won’t teach him, love him, or defend him even though I forced him into existence with a fully operational adult brain lol. Peace, bitch.

    The Monster: Am Eloquent Baby

    Boomers: He’S NOt thE ViCtIM, HE’s tHe MOnsTEr


    An ironic parallel considering the idea of “tough love” parenting that plenty of boomers like to use. If they buy into the idea that their kids just have to toughen up and face the real world without guidance or emotional support, I’m sure it does scare them to read a story where someone who wasn’t given any support began to resent their creator and turn on them.


    it’s like that post that’s like ‘knowledge is knowing that frankenstein is the doctor; wisdom is knowing that frankenstein is the monster’. like the whole point of the post is that frankenstein’s monster is a victim of viktor frankenstein’s own monstrosity.

    mary shelley did not lose her virginity on her mother’s grave just for people to misunderstand her best known work over a century later.


    Great post everybody


    A new mode of production arises out of the newly networked masses.



    Thingiverse users:

    Royalty free sounds

    Flash games

    Productivity has always been there


    Because shockingly when people enjoy what they do (you make it enjoyable instead of just hammering on them) people WANT to do things!


    Fanfiction authors!!


    Where is the button to shout this from the rooftop?


    This porno didn’t fuck around


    there’s… a lot to take in here…


    I was so flummoxed by this I had to learn more, so I took to Google, where I found this blog post by Dan Cardone, who was a grip on this film. Some highlights:

    This was the first set I had been on that featured three directors, and hopefully the last. One director was there to primarily film the sex scenes, which he did effectively and economically. The other two directors handled what is called in porn-lingo ‘B-Roll’, i.e. everything non sexual. Which on this film was substantial. The plot for To The Last Man involves two ranches populated entirely by horny men who have random sex and feud over water, as they are in the middle of a crippling drought. Which is why we filmed in Arizona during thunderstorm season…

    It’s amazing no one got killed, or seriously injured. There was horse riding, there were fight scenes of rocky escarpments, there were drownings. When the real guns and live ammunition came out for a scene I thought, “That’s it, I’m going back to the truck”.

    Fortunately, one of the models was also a fully qualified nurse, so that saved money, time and also lives. Plus, he was sexy, so it was win/win.

    Guess saying words with a long e sound in a cutesy voice because it sounds cute/silly is a pattern in me. Like, I've always had a tendency to repeat words until they sound right to me and with words like squid, shrimp, and cat meows coming out of my mouth because of sound alone...

    Guess I can consider this a stim. Is this a stim?