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2021-01-16 08:41:28

    (Part of the Miz Controls Your Cock series)

    Commissioned by anon! 

    You run into your ex gf’s friend and she tells you all about what your ex is up to…

    For the duration of the challenge, I’m offering a special - just $25 for a T&D related recording featuring your fantasy, fetish or kink that can be posted here (anonymously if you prefer). If you’re interested, email MizSpecific@gmail.com. I accept paypal.


    Like a lot of people (going on the basis of all these “deactivated” suffixed accounts at least) I have had Tumblr before, only to quit and come back, and quit and come back. And when I have quit my account, and closed it down, I have lost also a record of all the favorites and interactions. So, it’s quite nice to be able to come back and find this is still here. Not sure if you still log on here, @mizspecific, but this made me very happy back then and it still does now. Thank you!