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    You hate that phrase. Every time your wife says it with a sadistic laugh you feel a cold chill grip your heart and you protest weakly… feebly… like the pathetic little beta you are. Your wife was befriended by the head doctor of a private clinic during a yoga class. The woman told your wife of the special in house abortions provided at her clinic. “Late terms,” they call them.  Ever since then your wife has refused to call your baby anything but “mommies little late termer.” And with the due date now less than a week away, you know time is running out for mommies little late termer.

    Here at www.late-term-solutions.com we take women’s health very seriously and beleive every woman has the right to decide what happens within her own body. That’s why our aim is to provide free and easy access to all kinds of abortion, no matter the stage or the reason. So we’ve made abortion easier than ever with our “one-click” booking process. No paperwork. No legal terms. No questions. Just free, easy, professional abortions for all women. So why not head over to www.late-term-solutions.com today and take advantage of our live chat facility and talk to a member of our team who are waiting to help you choose the right abortion for your needs.


    "Sexuality is complex" is not an excuse to decide to use the n-word. You're appealing to the lowest denominator of fans who have racist tendencies or might be blatantly racist. You're 100% right I don't have to listen to it. It is really disappointing that you somehow profited from that audio. I mean you have to think which direction you want your career to go.

    Listen, this is the last time I’m going to address this. 

    Raceplay is a kink. It’s one I’ve engaged with in real life, with my real partners, including some of my partners of color (in fact, it was a black man who introduced me to race play - he loved it and requested it of me.) We both enjoyed playing with the taboo - did I not have respect for him or care for him any less? No. Just like someone who wants me to call them other names doesn’t make me respect them as humans otherwise. Just because your sexuality doesn’t extend in this direction, doesn’t mean nobody else’s gets to extend in this direction. 

    And don’t you worry a bit about my career, that’s my business.I could list all of the ways that I am active in social justice causes, but I do not have to justify myself to you. I know exactly who and what I am and what I stand for. 


    Wow you did a race play audio, using the N-word. You're a trash person. I was a big fan of your work but that audio made me feel so uncomfortable and disgusted. I'm sure you will still have a large fan base I just can't believe you would use such an oppressive word that is rooted hatred. Good luck in you're career, I'm opting out of your subscriptions.

    The audio was clearly marked as raceplay; it is your choice to listen or not listen. If raceplay/use of the n-word disgusts you and makes you uncomfortable, don’t listen. I create audio that plays with many kinks and sexualities. I make clear distinctions that my audios are fantasy. The truth is, sexuality is complex, and some people are aroused by *imagining* things that are taboo, unrealistic and at times illegal. Raceplay, rape play, incest, ageplay, sissification, homophobic and transphobic language sometimes is a part of those areas of our sexuality that most arouse us because we *know* how wrong it is to enjoy them. I’m actually well aware of the history of the n-word and its use as an oppressive tool, and I can understand your perspective and why you would think I’m a “trash person.” I respect your right to think that, and your right not to listen to any audios I create. Who I am as a person IRL and the art I create are two different things, but I understand your choice.