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2022-06-26 23:51:04

    hi there

    I haven't talked here before but I have had some things happen and I wanted to talk to a bit to a bit of a brother right now.

    I just braces for the first time around a week ago and I haven't been liking them. I'm just at a point where the metal can sometimes irritate my lip from the inside :[

    I also have been... well... skipping meals because I get nervous what I choose to eat won't be safe for my braces. Idk what to do IRL to help with my eating and I wanted to know if you maybe had some meal ideas for me?

    I can go by this emoji [๐Ÿช€] if I wanna talk with you again.


    Ohh hey there!! :( Iโ€™m so sorry youโ€™re going through this. Iโ€™ve had friends who have gotten braces, and I know how painful it can be. Rest assured, that the pain will go away eventually! Itโ€™s a gradual thing, and the first week or so are the roughest parts.

    You can eat quite a lot with braces, but some food options for sensitive teeth and new braces can be:

    Pasta! (You can put any soft cheese on it, too, and I think meatballs are ok!)

    Soups! (Safe things to put in it are soft vegetables, ones that are boiled like carrots or squash.)

    Mac and cheese

    Mashed potatoes

    Soft-cooked rice

    Eating fish is good too!

    Scrambled eggs

    Pancakes (avoid syrup, but butter is ok!)


    Cake (without the icing! avoid icing)

    Muffins (with no nuts)

    Soft cookies

    Pizza without the crust (unless itโ€™s soft crust)

    Hot dogs, french fries

    Chocolate without caramel or nuts (Most Reeseโ€™s, KitKats, 3 Musketeers, etc.)

    Fruits that you donโ€™t have to bite into (like an apple) like strawberries, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, etc



    Most kinds of bread is ok! (if you tear it apart by hand and eat it like that.)

    Avoid sticky foods, hard/crunchy foods, foods you have to pull apart/bite into, etc. Over time, your teeth will get stronger, and you can eat quite a bit more! This isnโ€™t all you can eat, but just a few ideas. You need to fuel your body, so eat something yummy for me, okay?

    I love you! <3


    Hey hey !! Adding onto this as someone with braces, over time the stuff you can eat becomes more !! Although the first little while is definitely the hardest yeah tbh

    You were probably given these instructions when you got them, but avoid gum and chewy candies (eg: gummy bears โœ… chewy caramel โŒ), if you're not careful then popcorn can get a bit stuck (but you CAAAAN eat it) and, as odd as this may sound, if you're one to chew on pens or pencils, they can actually really mess up your braces, so try to avoid that lol

    Basically once you get used to them just try to avoid anything that could take out a bracket, which are usually very chewy/sticky things like the aforementioned

    Eventually you'll forget they're even there (I'm not kidding like 90% of the time I dont remember I have braces until I am actively looking at them), and I know that things like tightening/other orthodontist appointments can hurt a bit after, but that usually subsides within a day or two

    Also a side note after I first got my braces I had a lisp for about a week it was kinda funny actually

    "yOu cant even TALK prOpErly-"

    "thut up"

    Anyways yeah basically dont take out a bracket, dont chew on pencils and know that it wont ache forever, and soon enough you can eat all the cake with icing you want /gen โ™ก

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