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    Arroused geared Masculine boy, yes when you see masculine energy and sexuality exhuding from a man you ger mesmerized, don't you boy. You love how those nice muscles get showed and highlighted by those tight clothes. Yeah that masculine sex appeal awakens the horny JOCKSLUT you are, you know you want to be BIGGER masculine a meath trophy OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY. Showing your body , to what you have trained HARD for, is pleasureable. Theres is just pride showing your muscles, your SLUTiness, you have been tuned into the kind of man who enjoys attention as a muscleWHORE my OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY.

    Pure pride surrounds you when you get geared, when you TRAIN, when you show off, when you flex There is nothing toxic about being a good HIMBRO a man of the team. Commitment, discipline and obedience are values that my brainwash have implanted DEEP in your brain. You crave being big, masculine and sexual for me. You are a huge JOCKSLUT who submits to me your MASTER COACH to improve to be better. Discipline commitment and loyalty makes you part of the team, you feel under my CONTROL a sense of infinite positivity, you feel that you BELONG, you want to improve, you want to be BETTER. Pure pride off your own OBEDIENT and submissive instincts, your mind being owned by me is the perfect shelter for the muscled jockSLUT emerging from you.

    Yeah boy and so you follow the feelings that my HYPNOsis and brainwash awaken in you. There is nothing to fear, nothing to ashamed on wanting to be in disposal, in wanting that HARD worked body to be admired and used. The pleASSure of being controlled and focused get bossted when you know you are satisfying your MASTER COACH desires. I want you to be proud confident jockSLUT and at the same time fully submissive toward my control. You know I want you to be a bubble butted HIMBO and that muscled body with a well worked BEEFy butt is your paramount. You know independently of what you enjoy outside of trance , I want you fully discovering the pleASSures inside your body and sexuality. And even if you are straight you know butt stimulation as an anal jockSLUT brings you tons of uncontrollable feelings the ones like my good HYPNO you love not to control they control you.

    Assume your position with pride OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY embrace being my brainwashed mindFUCKED and buttFUCKED jockSLUT. Enjoy how slowly you get turned into the perfect masculine huge boyTOY or muscled pupSLUT I want you to be . MASTER COACH knows what is better for you.


    I had helped both of them keep their grades high enough that they maintained their eligibility to play. It was exhausting, though - and by the end of the year I told them I would only be able to tutor one of them next year. They were the ones that suggested we rent a beach house together for the summer to help me decide which of them I would keep. They spent the whole summer trying to outdo each other, not only at poolside posing sessions but cooking, cleaning, and even sucking my cock. By the end of the summer, they were practically fighting each other to see which one I would fuck. Although they were very competitive, they were also friends, so when I offered to keep them both as long as I could keep fucking them both, they did not realize that had been my plan all along. 

    They moved into my place fulltime just before the school year started.  They each have  their own rooms down the hall from mine.  But they just stash their shit there and study there sometimes.  They spend every night in my big king-sized bed now.  Happy himbo jockboys focused on Sir’s pleasure & satisfaction!


    Fuck yeah bros. Basically like a perfect himbo jockboy life.

    From Country Boy to Gogo-Slut


    Daniel was a Latino boy raised in the countryside in a conservative catholic family. The labours in the farm developed his body, even though he was too shy to see himself as an object of desire. Daniel was always intrigued by the amount of muscled boys who used to visit the waterfall, going up  the river close to his farm, always good looking, always and somehow mindless. He was in the waterfall and in the river close to the farm a lot of times, and yes it was a nice place to stay, but not like to have a bunch of muscle boys of the city going there.  One morning he saw one of those muscled boys the going up the river and decided keeping the distance and without his horse to follow him, he was curious to see, but always shy product of his strict catholic parents.


    From a discrete distance the muscled boy finally arrived the waterfall and there he encountered with another guys who him called coach. Daniel was hiding but he wanted to know what are those two doing, he had to come closer to can depite of the sound of the waterfall hear the conversation. getting closer he could hear the words of coach my words, saying some words about relaxing, breathing, feeling good, the muscled boy just answered yes master coach. That didn’t make much sense, but somehow the words were captivating him and the sound of the waterfall started to get more and more comfortable. He just wanted to hear more of those words and even without noticing he started to get closer and closer.


    He realized that he wasn’t actually hiding anymore, and even though he thought about going back it just feel so good to hear the words. He felt lightheaded, no realizing what he was doing, he was standing up in front of coach, he couldn’t think anymore, even if he was following the muscled boy and it could be embarrasing, daniel was feeling so good from coach words that he didn’t care anymore, and somehow he knew it was right, being with me and the muscled boy at the moment was so natural and the he find himself also answering yes master coach to every word I say. when I said that the clothes he was wearing weren’t appropiated for a sexy muscle boy like him, he should be wearing a speedo he just had to take them off.


    and then there was he exposing his body, with two other guys he didn’t knew before. He put the speedo I gave to him and started to flex, finally enjoying having that trained body, as he heard coach wanted him even bigger, even sexyer, he felt a rush of adrenaline, he wanted to satisfy my desires, he knew he was mean to be bigger, he was pretty decent for his age, but bigger was better. Flexing was alway too cocky for his old self, but with coach flexing was so natural and felt so good. He would never be ashamed anymore of having a sexy body, daniel now was decided to make his body even more desirable, even fuckable, it was good being objectified, it was just the right thing for he.


    After a long day of posing with coach and his muscled bro, he found himself alone in the waterfall flexing mindless. he kept the speedo on, and he found firstly weird but then he noticed that actually wearing something like that felt much better. As soon as he arrived home, he took a laptop and without knowing why he looked for coach’s blog, being so happy so arroused by the blog’s entries. Finding himself as the jockslut he wanted to be. it was too late he was already not a shy boy anymore he was an OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY. it was ritual and he kept visiting the blog each day.


    Daniel Found himself training his Body, wanting it to be more muscled, more sexy, SWOLE jockSLUT. His clothes got tighter and sluttie. he was especially invested on training religiously his Legs and Butt. it was so pleassureable to see himself in the mirror making that Ass grow into a nice round beefy bubble butt.  


    He didn’t knew why but he headed to the city and got a fuckboy haircut, one his family wouldn’t allow him to have. Tehn he got to the gay disco of the city and without knowing why he knew where was the stage of the gogo boys, his name was already there with some slutty clothes. He got extremely excited and as soon he putted them on, he couldn’t help but taking selfies for coach, feeling happy of being good for me, making me proud.


    then came the final test, as soon some sexy music started to sound he put the sluttier things that he could find and got to the dancing stage. He was a sexual object a dumb muscled gogo boy, and he enjoyed each second of it. He couldn’t help the most he hear the music, the more he was being stared as a sexual object the more sluttier he got.


    He still be a cowboy on the days, he knows coach love him as a manly country boy as well, but as soon he receives a message from coach, daniel know is time to be the gogo slut he loves to be. The tips he receive are religiously invested on him being even a better boy, suplemments, equipment, gear and slutty clothes. He will be a huge piece of muscled fuckmeat for coach. and probably reading this blog you just realized you want to be exactly like he.

    Good OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOYS there is no better gift for you in these times than feeling the pleASSure of being brainWASHED

    Let yourself be the nicest OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY strapped, slutty, ready for COACH orders. Celebrate these time being my OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY.

    You know you are a nice OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY and you deserve being gifted with OBEDIENCE these holidays. Or even if you have been naughty boy, if what COACH command you to, my cocky mindFUCKED jockslut is good for you.

    Be a good OBEDIENT MUSCLE BOY these christmas and tell COACH how much you love the gift of brainwashing and obedience. Show the jockSLUT you have been turn into. And join the team full of mindFUCKED jocksluts like you ready for DEEP submission and pleASSure.

    Time to relax with coach now boy

    Taking a deep breath in...

    And slowly out...

    Once more for coach

    Breathe in....

    And out...

    Well done boy

    No worries or thoughts with coach

    Just relax and watch the spiral

    You don’t need to think boy, just listen

    Feeling so happy

    Making coach proud

    Ever so relaxed and happy

    So relaxed you’re even feeling sleepy aren’t you boy?

    That’s okay, coach knows what to do

    Just go ahead and let those eyelids lower

    Good boy

    Sleepy happy boy for coach

    Drift deeper now boy

    Let coach take care of you and be free

    Happy boys feel so good

    Happy boys feel so relaxed

    Happy boys are good boys

    Good boys listen to coach

    Following coach’s words

    So easy to be a good boy

    Good boy

    Breathing in nice and deep boy

    Filling up slowly....

    Then releasing

    Breathing in.....

    Then release

    Breathing in....

    Then release

    Coach’s words are good

    Good boys listen to coach

    Coach’s words are good

    Following coach feels good

    Good boys follow coach

    Feeling ever so happy for coach

    You are a good boy

    You know you enjoy this feeling

    Coach can give you this feeling

    Let coach fill you with his words

    Follow coach’s game plan

    Listen and obey coach

    You need it boy

    Good boys must listen to their coach

    Good boys are obedient for coach

    Good boys must obey their coach

    Going deeper now boy

    Eyelids drooping low

    Submitting to coach’s game plan

    Becoming mindless



    Relaxed for coach


    Feeling like such a good boy


    Listening to coach


    Coach is taking control


    Good boys must obey coach


    No thoughts around coach


    Letting those eyes lower for coach


    Feeling so obedient for coach


    You are a good boy for coach


    Good boys must obey


    You belong to coach

    You are a good boy for coach

    You need to obey coach

    Coach has a plan

    Good boys must obey the game plan

    No thoughts around coach

    Coach must be obeyed

    Good boy, now listen and obey the plan

    Take off your shirt

    Flex those muscles for coach

    Good boy, enjoy that feeling

    Playing with your muscles like a good boy

    Sexy and obedient

    Hard nips, empty head

    Craving approval from coach

    Good boys must obey coach

    Follow coach’s game plan

    Good boy, now you truly belong to coach. In fact, you should even message coach and thank him for this trance. Or even better, like and reblog this post to share it with your boys.

    Now boy, coach will count from 1 to 5. With each number you will slowly wake up feeling refreshed.






    Wake up boy

    Muscled Jock’s Wishing at the gym

    @muscledjock - loves a big boy. He’s been working out for a few years and got a really hot muscled bod. But he recently discovered that he could change the people around him. Naturally the gym was the perfect place to try it out

    Here’s Rod who used to be just ‘one of the bros’ working out because his mates did. His commitment was faltering, but he did gain because his bros pushed him. Muscled jock made a wish and this bro bulked out majorly


    Next up is Todd. This guy used to be a real fatty and was working out to loose weight on the doctors orders. He’d been working hard over the past 6 months, but really in Muscled’s eyes he shouldn’t even be in this room because he completely wrecked the muscle bro scene which Muscled wanted.

    So he made a wish and Todd the stud was now standing where the obese man had been moments before, with a bro cap and all


    Next up Tommy the weak little shit who came in timidly and found it hard picking up a 10KG dumb bell let alone pushing his body to the max. So he made a wish to improve the eye candy in the room


    Now, Richard was a posh lad. Friendly, well mannered and put hard work in to gain his impressive lean physique. But Muscled didn’t believe in lean, he wanted bulk. So Richard - now Dick - was blessed with more than just hard bulging muscles. You’ll often find him chilling in the outdoor sauna


    And here’s Jared, the muscle bro who’s always here. He’s always been into bulk and used many supplements and roids to get big. But Muscled imagined a body untouched by roids for this dude, because he deserved it


    And while these two weren’t overly butch or anything, he thought these two straight guys, Calvin & Reese, could have some fun when Calvin suddenly jumped up and grabbed the bar, used his fit supple body to acrobat himself upside down, and move his face towards his new lover bros lips


    The muscle gym wishes will continue - wishes granted

    Almost done with the bulk, pretty happy with the gains, but as always, sad to go off gear. Currently up about 22lbs from the start, pretty lean gains too. And really happy that I’ve started to really embrace my showoff slutty side more, wearing skimpier gym clothes and more obvious in taking pics.

    Help support my growth and my showing off in more slut wear. (http://a.co/7y73min)


    If it were up to me, @muscledjock would never wear a shirt. A jock strap or thong and a backwards ball cap is sufficient for him. The gym requires him to wear a shirt, though. Fortunately he has a few good ones to choose from.


    @top4jock is right. If I could, I'd be shirtless in just a backwards cap and slutty underwear at all times. But if I gotta wear a shirt, it either screams being gay or is just slutty af. And of course I wear em until I burst out of them in growth.