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2022-09-27 15:28:54

    i like that bunny


    It might be furry, but this is an incredible set of pics. I totally want a relationship like that!


    I’ve reblogged this like 3 times but its just that hot.


    I have always thought furries to be just comical or an aspect of fantasy that was just beyond my serious appreciation but this sequence is amazingly sexy and so erotically convincing. Please continue the story. I love this!


    This comic has always spoken to me. I want this kind of relationship. So I guess I am looking for someone to be my raccoon!


    Massive Growth

    Your size and growth is substantial and electrifying, as I can see that you’ve gained so much since the last time we met. Your rolls have grown so unbelievably massive as fat is just overflowing from your body. You are sitting next to an enormous box of donuts and just keep eating. One after another, pausing to catch your breath.

    You mindlessly hold and jiggle your lower apron as you keep eating. As you do this, your arm wings jiggle. Perpetual motion with the slightest effort. Hypnotic and so succulent. You are the poster child for obesity. Such a pig that needs to keep eating, growing, and reaching further levels of fattening.

    Once you finish the pile of donuts, you dust the crumbs off of your boobs and belly. You cough, feeling your belly jiggle, and then shimmy your way to the front of your chair. You lean forward with your belly hanging below your knees. You gather your energy before struggling to stand up. Your belly weighs you down but also propels you as a counterweight. Once standing, your legs are forced apart by your massive thighs. You start to waddle to the kitchen. Arms out to the side for balance. It's time for dinner.


    Gift me this kind of body


    You didn't believe me when I said I would fatten you and leave you breathless.

    You thought it would only be a few pounds, enough for your kinky little brain to feel and get off too.

    How naive you were.

    5 pounds became 15, then 30. You started to try and refuse the binges, 30 became 50 and you tried to hit the gym, 50 became 100 and you said that you'd had enough.

    I would catch you in the fridge at the early hours of the morning, devouring anything you could.

    That extra 100 soon became 200, then 250.

    Your stomach started to sag, the stretchmarks where always red, you got out of breath just going to your room upstairs. So I moved you into the living room, closer to the kitchen.

    I always enabled you and still do, you're my little lovable lard ball.

    250 quickly became 350 and you cried.

    520 pounds of quivering blubber wailing about how fat you had gotten. I brought you some icecream to calm you down.

    Over the next three years I helped you climb up to 695 pounds. You could still walk but just barely.

    At 700 you had me help you to bed, your new home.

    725 was the day we hooked up your Oxygen machine. I remember it vividly because I took the hose from your face and kissed you, then said "I know, that kiss took my breath away too"

    Today you're enormous at 877 pounds, you are never full, but thats the way I like my hogs.




    Changed into the perfect whale💗


    Someone do this to me😈