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    You family has a small mansion in the countryside, that have been in your ownership for a few generations. However nowadays nobody really live there and you go there to celebrate Christmas and New Year or just escape from the chaos of the big city.

    In a few weeks you're gonna have your first exams at college, so you decided to go there and study a little bit without anybody disturbing you.

    You got there early in the morning, found a nice place on the terrace and were about to start with your preparation, when you noticed a tall muscular guy approaching you from the gateway. He must've been a few years older than you and at least 6'4" tall. As he got closer you had a better possibility to inspect his ripped sixpack and veiny arms.

    "Oh, hey! You must be Johny, right?", — he approached you and extended his hand.

    "Ehh, yeah. Do we know each other?", — you grabbed each other's hand and shook it. His hand was almost twice bigger than yours and he had very firm and strong grip.

    "I'm Brian, kind of a new guard here. Your parents told me you're gonna come", — since your family wasn't here most of the time, you needed somebody to look after the house. The old 'guard' retired a few months ago, so your parent hired a new guy. But you expected to see some older guy and not that young sexy hunk.

    You had a quick talk and got to know each other. After that he told he had some job to do around the house, so he went leaving you alone.

    Later you decided to invite him to share dinner and drink a few beers. The door into his cottage was open but you still knocked on it. Nobody answered, so you entered the house. You heard a sound of shower from bathroom. As you were about to leave the house, bathroom door opened and Brian was standing in the doorway completely naked revealing his rock-hard 9-inch-long cock.

    "What are you doing here!?"

    "I... I... just wanted to invite you for a beer tonight", — you knew it was strange but you couldn't move yourself and you were glancing up and down over his body.

    Brian didn't seem to feel awkward about the situation. He approached you and laid his hand on your shoulder. Standing in front of him with your eyes only coming up to just his shoulders, you felt how your dicklet was getting harder.

    "I was about to get my towel but it seems like I might need two of them", — he winked to you and pulled you into the bathroom. You were shocked to say anything but you liked what was about to happen.

    You'd been sharing an apartment with Fabian for more than a year. From the first day you had a huge crush on him. And that's not surprising: he had a body of a Greek god, almost completely covered with black hair.

    He was a real magnet for girls. Every night he would bring a new one, who would make him a breakfast next morning and leave hoping to get a call from him.

    Fabian had no problem with you being gay. You two liked to spend time together going out, drinking, playing pool or bowling, watching Netflix etc. He also acted very protective about you: whenever you were about to leave a bar with some guy, he would firstly check that guy and have a kind of older brother conversation with him, making clear that he would do anything to protect his smaller friend.

    This morning you were drinking your morning coffee on the balcony, when he shown up in the doorway almost naked. You glanced over his glorious body up to his charming half-smile.


    "Morning, how was the night?"

    "Could be better. That girl had problems doing some things, I wanted. I must've been too much for her"

    "How can you be too much? She doesn't know what she've lost"

    "Yeah, I'm still pretty horny... But I had one idea", — he stepped closer to you. Since you were sitting, you face was on the height of his abdomen and it was only a foot away from his manhood.

    "You've been dreaming about my body, haven't you? So. I decide to make a little surprise for you", — he bounced his pecs and winked to you. Then he grabbed your hand, laid it on his rock-hard sixpack and slowly slipped it into his trunks.

    You felt it. His meaty cock wasn't even hard but it still was as thick as a coke can. You pulled his trunks down and his tool popped out.

    You opened your mouth and got to work. Fabian pushed his dick down your throat. You almost chocked on it, when it got rock hard reaching the full length of 10 inches and getting even thicker.

    After around 10 minutes of facefucking you, Fabian pulled his cock out and let his godly juice splash all over your face and chest. After that he just turned around and got into the shower, leaving you alone on the balcony covered in his cum.

    After that he used you more often. And you were even honoured to have his cock fucking your boy pussy.

    You've met Jaxon in the calisthenics park on your campus. He was one of those guys that spend a lot of time in gym building their perfrect form. His pecs were bulging from under the t-shirt and his biceps were about to rip those tight sleeves. Another detail that you found very sexy about him was his blonde ginger hair and his short boxed beard.

    You’ve never considered yourself being small. You used to play soccer in school and you’ve always been keeping yourself in a good form. You’ve never hit big weights, so you were of a more lean body type. But next to that guy you felt much weaker than you actually were.

    As there were only two of you training at that time, you started conversation and it turned out that he was also studying business but he has just started and you were already in your second year.

    Firsly he tried to ignore you drilling his arm while he was doing push-ups on the stand bars. But then he got an idea.

    “You seem to enjoy my body, don’t?”

    “Mm, yeah. I just can’t stop wondering how pumped you are”

    “That’s ok, I even think you could help me. Come here, I would need some additional weight”

    You came closer to him, as he told. He easily picked you up from the ground. You gripped around his broad shoulders and he continued doing his push-ups.

    He easily done another 20 push-ups and jumped from the bars. You stayed hanging on him, feeling how your cock got hard from rubbing on his ripped six-pack.

    “It’s seems, like you liked it, boy. How about me taking you home and showing some other exercises?”

    "Come here, boy. You can even touch them", — he flexes his muscles for you.

    Erick was your one-year younger neighbour who decided to join the same college you were on. In high school he used to be small and skinny nerd. In the school you used to bully him sometimes to stay cool in the eyes of your peers. But now you were shocked seeing him in your college gym.

    Over the last year he must have hit some growth spurt. From being 5'6 he has grown to tremendous 6'4, making you look up to him now. He had also gained much muscle mass over that time. And unlike you he was able to grow nice stubble on his pretty face.

    As you approache him to touch those big guns, he stops you: "No, no. Not so fast. Firstly, you get on your knees and beg me to let you touch my body".

    "What?! Are you jocking, bro?"

    "I'm not your 'bro'. Get on your knees, fag! NOW!"

    "Yes, Sir..."

    Henry is tall, blond and muscular. Besides that he is smart, humorous and charmant. Every girl on the campus wants to be with him and every boy wants to be him.

    But you’re the one lucky enought to be his property. When he comes home from gym you jump into his hug. Being hold in his bearhug makes you feel like his toy. He can do anything he wants with and you’re too weak to stand against him. Your hands slide under his t-shirt and rub over his rock-hard sixpack. He gives you a headlock with one arm and his anouther one slides down to your pants. He grabs your balls and small dickelt with his big hand and slighly presses them together. You moan in satisfaction and feel how your briefs fill up with your cum.

    I’ve just finished my training. Put your face into my sweaty armpit and lick on it. NOW! I know you like that scent. Cause it’s the scent of alpha man and you need it. Haha, how humiliating it must be for you. But it’s necessary — people here should know that you’re just a pathetic fag. And you belong me!