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    Hey yeah this is very important.

    Amongst some of the things than could happen are:

    • Downloading, and distribution of PDF files would be illegal, as well as photocopying books.

    • Downloading files for academic investigations would become illegal.

    • English, robotics, and engineering workshops would become illegal.

    • Costs in education would increase.

    That last one is particularly important because sadly, Mexico doesn’t have a great public education system, thus, many people have to enroll into private schools and most of them are very very expensive. Sadly almost half of the population here lives in poverty, in consequence many children aren’t able to go to public schools. let alone costly private schools.

    • Amongst the things that would turn illegal too, would be electronic repairing businesses, and only those businesses with authorized licenses could work.

    • It would be illegal to add components to electronic devices, such as RAM memories, better processors, amongst others, regardless of the fact that said components were bought legally.

    • Maintenance costs would increase as it would be illegal to fix your own electronic devices, even if it’s just a small touch up.

    If things weren’t already bad, the way we use the internet would be affected.

    • Access to internet would become more expensive, new taxes would be added to platforms as well as media.

    • Internet providing services could block the access to downloading images, music, videos, books,  pretty much any content that could be found on the internet, includi<>ng memes.

    And last but not least.

    <>Internet censorship.

    “If someone points out any post or publication that violates authors rights, said post or publication must be hidden, eliminated, or disabled without previous notice, proof, or any jurisdictional order coming from the internet provider (…)”

    Thus anyone, corporations and organizations, could demand for anything to be deleted and there wouldn’t be any reason to stop them as they would protect themselves with alleged authors right accusations.

    Overall, our government looks forward to silencing us, keeping us quiet and not allowing us of freedom of speech.

    This can have awfully consequences, as we would be silenced for expressing our political views and content would be manipulated to fit a certain political narrative.

    369 votes were given in favor to this law, 0 against it and 1 abstention.

    I am asking for everyone out there to please share this. My future and many others would be greatly affected by this law, many people could lose their jobs and fall deeper into the ever growing line of poverty that Mexico has.

    We can’t allow for the government to keep us silenced and censored.

    The original post comes from @/hiimnotlara on instagram. 

    [image: tweet dated 02 July 2020 by sax_chio, transcribed below:]

    2 days ago Mexico passed a law that criminalizes internet neutrality. You can even go to jail for fixing your tech devices in your own home!Please even if you r nt from Mexico help us to boost this hashtag we have a until july 31 to do something about it!


    <>SCAM ALERT!! Told Magazine Inc / New Media International are scams targeting vulnerable creatives.

    They lure you in with a very professionally worded email promising an interview with their magazine, saying you were nominated for it by one of your followers. Their website is also very professional on the surface, but if you look closely you’ll notice weird things about it. Lots of photoshopped stock photos of models wearing their logo, no real content or articles, blurry images of text where articles might be.

    If you say yes, they send you a link to a questionnaire where they get your personal information, along with some questions about your art peppered in. Then they’ll ask you for money so they can mail you a copy of the magazine with your interview when it’s out, and that’s where the biggest part of the scam is. Once you send them money, they disappear.

    I made it to the interview phase before going NAH, (I asked them a ton of questions about where the heck their articles were and why their magazine didn’t appear in any Google searches - they ignored me and just sent their next copy/paste email in the scam - a real editor would’ve addressed my questions). Then I found more artists talking about this scam on Twitter, but I haven’t seen anything about it on Tumblr. So, here you go.

    There’s a lot of scams aimed at creatives right now because many us are more vulnerable than ever. Of course I’d love a sweet interview to boost my online shop sales while my entire convention schedule is canceled. But we can outsmart them by doing research, asking questions, and warning others.

    Twitter link with more info HERE.

    Bumping this because the Told Magazine Inc scam has been sending lots of emails to artists again this week. Watch out for them, and ignore or block their emails if you get one.

    So “Told Magazine Inc” emailed me today with this threat, all because of this tumblr post. 


    I’m not sure how seriously I should take it, since it’s a bunch of very harsh emotional threats and doesn’t come off as very… professional? On one hand, I’m still 100% convinced Told Magazine Inc is a scam organization, (as of today, googling them still doesn’t bring up anything unless you do so in quotes, their website doesn’t even load, and the third hit is my tumblr so lol). On the other hand, if they’re horrible enough to try to scam small artists out of some money, then they’re horrible enough to try to sue a small artist for exposing them as a scam. I won’t be removing this post as of yet, and will be reaching out to several local lawyers for consultations on the matter.

    “Despicable actions” does not sound like a lawyer was involved at all.

    They said “me”. Not “us”, not “the company”, etc. They’re totally fronting.

    friendly reminder that u can be like “lin manuel miranda created a work of art that was meant to highlight performers of color and made broadway mainstream again and was full of amazing themes and motifs” and still be like “but hamilton is inherently problematic because it glorifies the founding fathers when they should not be treated as people to look up to” like u can and should do that


    <>Calls for Justice for Aurora’s Violinist Elijah McClain Grow

    <>Elijah McClain was a kind and gentle 23 year old who worked as a massage therapist in Aurora, CO. On his lunch breaks from work, Elijah would go to the animal shelters and play violin for the animals because he thought that they were lonely in their cages and thought that the music would calm them. 

    In August 2019, Elijah went to the gas station to buy some iced tea for himself and his cousins. <>Because he suffered from anemia he would often wear a ski/ runner mask over his face to stay warm. On his way home, the Aurora Police department were called to reports of a “suspicious man.” 

    <>(Warning: for violent description)<><>Elijah was apprehended by a group of three cops<>, despite committing NO crime and being unarmed. A struggle occurred, and he was held in a very dangerous carotid hold around his neck while he cried for help<>, cried out that he couldn’t breathe, cried out that he was nonviolent and couldn’t even kill a fly, and was repeatedly throwing up. El<>ijah weighed a mere 140 pounds. You can hear on the audio foot<>age, an officer instructing another to move their body camera out of view.

    While 3 Aurora Police Dept officers violently restrained him they called Aurora Fire Dept, who<> injected him with ketamine (a powerful drug used to tranquilize horses or in surgeries by a trained anesthesiologist and illegal to be administered by anyone els<>e) even though he was already cuffed and calm.

    <>He went into cardiac arrest , slipped into a coma, and his family was advised to take him off life support 6 days later.

    The cops were transferred to another department but never received charges. 



    Click this Link to call these Representatives and DEMAND JUSTICE!!

    <>Especially call these numbers:

  • Call CO Governor Jared Polis <>(303) 866 2471
  • Call Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman <>(303) 739 7015
  • Call District Attorney Dave Young <>(303) 659 7720
  • Source / Police Video (Trigger warning)


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    smh it sure took them a minute

    Bitch wtf?

  • <>Ted Yoho, House Rep, R-FL, 3rd district. He is not running for re-election in 2020.
  • <>Thomas Massie, House Rep, R-KY, 4th district. He is running for re-election in November 2020, if he wins the candidacy in the republican primary on June 23.
  • <>Justin Amash, House Rep, Libertarian-MI 3rd district. He is running for re-election in November 2020, and ran an unsuccessful campaign for president this year as well.
  • <>Louie Gohmert, House Rep, R-TX, 1st district. He is running for re-election in November 2020, and has already been declared the Republican nominee.
  • So to our friends in (click the link to see a map and find what district you are in!):

  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Texas
  • VOTE THOSE BASTARDS OUT, and fill their seats with the most progressive candidate available!


    A friend of mine posted this and tagged my old instagram account, asking me to share it. I figured sharing it here where I actually have a following, would be far better.

    Please remember that just because the government is giving into pressure and greed, that doesn’t mean that any of this is getting any better, in a lot of ways it’s getting worse. And even if you yourself aren’t being as heavily affected anymore, there are people and communities<> that are.

    Stay safe Darling ones, and help others remain safe too.

    In Chile the street dog known as Negro Matapacos (“Black Cop-Killer”), has become a symbol of rebellion. Matapacos was a famous street dog in Santiago, Chile known for being at every protest, defying tear gas and water cannons, and fiercely hating the police. Since his passing in 2017 he has became a symbol of protests and resistance, and is affectionately know as the patron saint of protests and street dogs.

    a gay man being flamboyant and a cishet author having their only gay character a femenine dramatic man are two different things

    a bi person being flirtatious and dating whoever they want and a cishet author having their only bi character be promiscuous are two different things

    a trans man being ok with his body and dressing femininely and a cis author making their transmasc characters hyper femenine with hourglass bodies are two different things

    lgbt+ ppl are allowed to fit stereotypes and be proud of who we are and how we are. we are in charge. we decide how we wanna look and act.

    cishets thinking we are all walking homophobic/transphobic caricatures is not the same. its bigotry. and it should be called out.

    All true, and might I also add the ever-popular “A woman being feeling empowered by showing off her body and a male author having their ‘empowered’ female character dress exclusively in stripper-grade spandex are two different things”