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2020-06-30 04:42:37

    Is anyone else sick of all the pseudo-inspirational commercials that corporate America has been churning out recently?

    The ones about how “times are tough” but “we’re all in this together” or how “Americans always rise to the occasion”

    Like y’all are clearly living in some other country because America is a raging dumpster fire and Americans are ignorant, selfish assholes.

    This story isn’t going to have a happy ending, so stop pretending everything is fine in the hopes it’ll sell more of your shitty products.

    yes i have a lot of favorite books. no i cannot read. yes we exist. it’s called “when i was younger i found escapism in books but now music is my escape and all the music i like gave me brainworms”

    It’s not music that fried your attention span, it’s social media and constant overstimulation.

    If you used to read a lot but struggle as an adult, I recommend listening to audiobooks – it really helped me get back into reading.

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about raceplay because it can fetishize potentially harmful stereotypes.

    At its root, raceplay is an extreme form of BDSM similar to CNC (consensual non-consent). It’s possible to engage in these kinks safely, but you have to be very careful and establish firm boundaries that everyone involved agrees to. Aftercare is also essential, because people should feel valued for who they are outside of sex.

    The most important thing to remember is that no matter how kinky the sex is, do NOT allow your sexual fantasies to distort how you treat/view other people. Consent is everything, and you must always draw a line between sexual fantasy and reality. Human beings are not sex objects, no matter how much it might turn them on to be treated like one.