Why You Love Capitalism

    You love capitalism. 

    Really - you do.

    And you can’t stand big government. 

    Really - you can’t.

    Don’t believe me? Then I’ll just have to prove it to you.

    Do you use an iPhone? Android? Macbook? PC? Read on a Kindle? Watch TV and movies on Netflix? Videos on YouTube? Shop on Amazon? Listen to Spotify? Search on Google? Grab a ride with Uber? Book a room with Airbnb?

    Are you on Facebook? Or Instagram? Or Snapchat? Or Tumblr?

    You probably use many, if not all, of these things, and, if you’re like me, you love them. In today’s world, they’re practically necessities.

    Where do you think they came from?

    From entrepreneurs with great ideas and the freedom to test them in the marketplace. That is what is known as capitalism.

    Now consider some other things you probably use:

    Have you been to the DMV? Gone through airport security? Mailed a package at the Post Office? Called the IRS customer service line? Or called any government office, for that matter?

    What’s different?  Why is going to the Apple Store so fun, but going to the DMV so painful? 

    Because one has nothing to do with the government, and one is the government. One needs to satisfy its customers to survive and grow. One doesn’t.

    The purpose of government is not to create products. And we don’t expect it to.  But if you thought about it for a few moments, you’d realize you don’t want the government involved in just about anything private business can do.

    That’s because profit-motivated individuals have to work to please their customers.  You. 

    Government agencies don’t have to please anyone and rarely do.


    You may be having trouble viewing blogs that you’ve followed for years and probably even viewed just yesterday. Here’s what I was able to find. Due to an update on the app for apple users.

    An Update on the Tumblr iOS App

    For those of you who access Tumblr through our iOS app, we wanted to share that starting today you may see some differences for search terms and recommended content that can contain specific types of sensitive content. In order to comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines, we are having to adjust, in the near term, what you’re able to access as it relates to potentially sensitive content while using the iOS app.

    To remain available within Apple’s App Store, we are having to extend the definition of what sensitive content is as well as the way you access it in order to comply with their guidelines. To learn more about Apple’s App Store Guidelines, click here.

    How you may experience these changes

    There are three main ways you may experience these changes while using our iOS app: search, blog access and dashboard.


    When searching for certain terms or phrases that may fall under the expanded definition of sensitive content, you may experience fewer results from that query than you have in the past. In certain circumstances, a search may not produce any results at all and you will see a message like the one below:


    Blog access

    If you tap on a blog through the iOS Tumblr app that is flagged as explicit due to these changes, you will see the same message as above and will not be able to access that blog.


    For iOS users, under our “stuff for you” and “following” sections within the dashboard, you may see fewer suggested posts based on the changes being made.

    To learn more about these changes and how you may experience them, please visit our Help Center article here.

    Why these changes are being made

    We want to make sure Tumblr is available everywhere you would like to access it. In order for us to remain in Apple’s App Store and for our Tumblr iOS app to be available, we needed to make changes that would help us be more compliant with their policies around sensitive content.

    We understand that, for some of you, these changes may be very frustrating – we understand that frustration and we are sorry for any disruption that these changes may cause. Please know that on the near horizon there will be meaningful developments that will overhaul how you choose to access sensitive content safely on Tumblr – whether visiting us on mobile, mobile web or through our website.

    Who this impacts

    These changes will only impact those who are accessing Tumblr through the iOS app. If you are using our Android app, accessing Tumblr through mobile web or online through www.tumblr.com, your experience will not be impacted.

    How long this will last

    While we don’t have an exact timeline for how long these changes will be in effect, we are working on additional features that will allow for a less restricted iOS app experience. We anticipate this work to be ready in the near future and we will keep you all updated on our Changes blog as that work continues.

    For more information on our guidelines or to understand these changes more fully, please visit:

    Tumblr’s Community Guidelines

    Tumblr’s Help Center

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