Creampie Slut MOM

Ok so here is how I became a college slut.

So When I was 19. I still lived with my dad. But I was invited to a huge party at college. I was all excited. I got all dressed up cute. At the party I was drinking too much too fast. Some guy was with me. I was wearing a really short skirt. He was heavily petting me for a while. When I was finally feeling a bit drunk I remember his hand up my skirt. He was playing with me and got me really turned on. I get super sloppy wet when turned on. Next thing I knew he was fingering me like crazy. Mind you we are standing on the side of the living room. There were a ton of people standing and sitting around. Next thing I was bent over the arm of the couch getting fucked from behind. My Skirt was pulled up to my waist. At some point I was moved to the center floor and my clothes all removed. I got fucked infront of everyone at that party. It gets fuzzy from there but I was told later that a whole bunch of guys fucked me infront of everyone at the party. There must have been easily 100 or more people there watching. I woke up the next morning spread out on the carpet Totally naked and still full of cum. There were some people eating breakfast on the couch as I layed there just watching me. All of my holes were sore and used. I was still way out of it and drunk. Trying to find my clothes I couldn’t find my skirt and the people there weren’t helpful. I had to have my dad come pick me up. I stumbled out to his car. And So there I was sitting in the front seat completely bottomless. My Huge engorged lips and pussy gaping open with cum making a mess of his car seat as he drove me home. I passed out in the car and was still out of it at home. dad carried me inside and took care of me. He ended up cleaning me all up.

My dad and I were super close. We talked about everything. the most embarrassing part I think was that my dad could see how wrecked and used my pussy was as he cleaned me up. He came in to talk tome about it when I woke up. He explained that he thought they may have used objects in me too cause he said my pussy was extremely stretched open while he cleaned me all up. He said my lips were swollen and stuck to the sides with dried cum and my pussy was hanging so wide open he could see a ton of cum in me. He said he tried to clean me out but wasn’t sure he got it all. He was explaining everything to me and showing me so I would understand his concern. He pulled the standing mirror infront of me as I lay on the bed. he used his fingers to open my pussy to show my how extremely wide it would hang open, And to show me how raw it looked from getting used. It was super sore as he did it but I could actually still see some cum in me as well. I love my dad and that was not the only time he’s had to clean up his drunk naked daughter after being pumped full of cum.

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