My Random Gay Thoughts, NSFW, 18+

This is collection of whatever I come across that's gay and grabs my attention. When possible, models are identified. I love small uncircumcised cocks. Adam Jakubowski's long, thick, beautiful uncircumcised cock is the header image.

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2020-07-13 01:28:22

    <>Cameron Dallas and his mom, love his GUCCI! sweatshirt with the Rainbow colored lettering. Quite the way to follow-up his trip to Mykonos. Make a statement without saying a thing.

    <>No longer can he say, “I’m not gay,” and be believed.


    <>Adam Jakubowski, his long, beautiful uncircumcised cock is distinctive enough that I can identify it even when his face is not in the photo. (Also, I recognized this as cropped from a photo that includes Adam's face.)