My Random Gay Thoughts, NSFW, 18+

This is collection of whatever I come across that's gay and grabs my attention. When possible, models are identified. I love small uncircumcised cocks. Adam Jakubowski's long, thick, beautiful uncircumcised cock is the header image.

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2020-05-29 00:56:13

    Can you believe we live in a world where ansel elgort isn’t gay? Fucked up.

    <>In an earlier post, in answer to the question posited above, I posted the following answer that included a recent photo (posted separately below) that Ansel himself had posted to raise donations for Covid-19 with the following comments, above the photo:

    <>"He isn't? Says who? My thoughts, 'Of course, he is...'

    <>"Need more be said?"

    <>And then below the photo:

    <>"Thank you, Ansel, for that picture; that completely clears that up..."

    <>The fucking Dumbfucks flagged it,, and when I appealed, my appeal was DENIED.

    <>Now I find that the photo is here on Dumblr, but to keep it from being flagged, I'm reposting it without adding any comments directly to the post so that, MAYBE, just maybe, it won't get fucking flagged.