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I'm Liz [her/she]. 23 yo. Brazilian, Autistic & Gay college student.
Book, Languages and Music lover, Dork, Gryffindor, daughter of Athena.
🌸 Gif maker & editor 🌸
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    What’s today’s cover?

    Detective Alice Ginsburg. You got a new partner, Columbo.

    WYNONNA EARP (2016–2021)

    They say life is short, but it is long and lonely. So if you manage to find a group of souls who will tolerate you and elevate you… and one who will especially love you… well, that is all it’s about. That is what the fight is really for.

    favorite moments from the falcon and the winter soldier — 62/?

    you really should be waking up too, clara. just a little longer. why? every christmas is last christmas.

    for @fassmaan

    These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine. Tomorrow is promised to no one, Doctor, but I insist upon my past. I am entitled to that. It’s mine.

    The good doctor “Spilled milk”

    leave it to taylor to make us feel nostalgic over new things that aren’t new but are new


    Have you always been this beautiful before?

    LOVE MYSELF Campaign Special Announcement - Taehyung:

    “Everyone always mention people around them when they talk about LOVE MYSELF, and I can’t agree more. LOVE MYSELF starts with a message to love yourself, but ultimately it’s a message of loving each other and loving everyone. I realized through LOVE MYSELF how much love I’m receiving and that has made me love myself more and love others more.”

    Can you hear the silence? // Can you see the dark? // Can you fix the broken // Can you feel my heart?

    all these people think love’s for show, but i would die for you in secret

    The Timeless Children // Revolution of the Daleks

    How long will I love you?

    Wandavision: Season 1 Episode 8