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    “But if you forget to reblog Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.”


    not even risking that shit


    scrolled past this, re-evaluated my life, then SCROOOLLLED back up and hit the damn reblog button. 

    • She ain’t no games in real life so I take her serious all the time
    • Anyone with a name that starts with a “Z”, ends with an “i”, and isn’t some kind of Italian pasta, IS SERIOUS
    • I’m not climbing no mountain with a pig on my back, 🙅🏽🙅🏾🙅🏿 Negative.

    Nope. I know better, have your reblog Madame Zeroni.


    who the fuck is Madame Zeroni


    Look at these stupid children who don’t know who Madame Zeroni is




    Man lissen if you don’t know you better ask somebody AFTER you hit the reblog button


    Idk who she is but I have an exam today so I’ll reblog her


    idk who she is but
    i have an exam today
    so i’ll reblog he

    ^Haiku^bot^0.4. Sometimes I do stupid things (but I have improved with syllables!). Beep-boop!


    Because wise, I am.


    Oh fucks no she’s back lmao must reblog. I’m sorry guys


    2 million people aren’t wrong


    dam….. that website “you feel like shit” (it’s like a questionnaire / troubleshooting guide for when you feel like shit) really works………………….. im not even all the way thru it and i even half-assed a lot of the suggestions and i already feel loads better


    for some reason, with this website, i was able to complete small tasks ive been fruitlessly bugging myself to do for weeks??

    anyway, i feel almost good now :^)


    im glad this got some notes!!!! i hope it helps y’all find some measure of peace or comfort <3

    sometimes I remember how Everything about veth must look to people in felderwin, and feel like I’m losing my mind

    like imagine you’re some small town nobody who went to high school with this chubby, awkward girl that no one paid attention to except maybe to make fun of her or push her around. The only thing you really remember about her is that she brought her button collection to third grade show and tell and the cool kids bullied her about it for like a month. Smart, real quiet, but just an all around weird girl. Married her nerdy AV club boyfriend and had a kid right of of high school, but you’re small town folk, and that’s what you do, so w/e

    a few years later, you find out she was murdered. Sad, definitely shocking, but at the end of the day you didn’t really know her all that well. You give your condolences to her parents, maybe bring over a casserole to her grieving widower, but you and the town collectively move on. The most you hear about the brenattos for the next year is that yeza snagged some big time government contract, which is a little weird for a small town chemist, but hey maybe there was something to veth’s nerdy AV club boyfriend after all.

    then out of nowhere, the Russians™ airdrop into your podunk little town, torch some buildings, kidnap yeza brenatto of all people, and peace out. Easily the wildest thing that’s ever happened in this shithole, cause what the fuck. What the fuck was yeza working on?

    then a couple of weeks later, dead-for-a-year, button collecting, squirrely little professional doormat veth brenatto shows up, not only alive, but with SEAL team fucking 6 at her side and an AK-47 strapped to her back. What the fuck. Every single one of them looks like they could kill you in 10 different ways, and you can tell at a glance that veth has seen some shit. What the fuck. Her and her hypercompetent looking friends announce they’re chasing after the Russians on foot and leave. What the fuck.

    you never see veth or her friends again, but last you heard she’s doing black ops wet work for either the government or the russians. Depends on who you ask. She might or might not have helped broker peace between them. Also old edith wrote and the brenattos are living in Sicily and are millionaires now

    what the fuck


    being a self-taught artist with no formal training is having done art seriously since you were a young teenager and only finding out that you’re supposed to do warm up sketches every time you’re about to work on serious art when you’re fuckin twenty-five


    someone: oh yeah, do this exercise during your warm ups! it’ll help

    me: my what


    What’s up I have an actual college degree in art and I was never ONCE taught to do warm ups.


    when i was in undergrad, it was kind of mentioned in and offhand way that we should do warmups, but we were never shown what that meant. And, y’know, we were young so it didn’t matter so much. 

    Being older now and having an art job it’s…kind of essential. 

    So: a quick primer for those of you who are like ‘ok but how do i actually go about doing this warmup thing.’ 

    1) you may be tempted to do ‘a warmup drawing’ which is just a drawing that will take longer than it needed to and probably be frustrating and kind of bad because you didn’t warm up first. It’s tempting but always a trick your brain is playing on you! Do not trust! 

    2) warmups will vary based on what feels good to you/what task you’re about to do/what motor skills you want to practice. That being said, some good standbys:

    a) circles. Just a whole page of circles on whatever drawing surface you’re going to be using, whether that’s your tablet or your sketchbook or a drawing pad on an easel. For these circles you should make sure that you’re drawing from your shoulder and not your wrist. In fact, you want to be drawing from your shoulder rather than your wrist most of the time! forever! your wrist is delicate please preserve it! 

    In order to ensure that you’re drawing from your shoulder, when you’re holding your pencil or whatever drawing tool you’re using, the only part of your hand that should be touching the drawing surface is part of the last two fingers–some people prefer the finger tips, but I tend to favor the first knuckles. Either way, the fingers should really be ghosting over the surface, providing guidance rather than support. 

    I usually start with big circles and then go to smaller circles and lines of ellipses, and then try to fit circles and ellipses inside other shapes i’ve already drawn as a precision exercise, but i don’t do that unless i’m feeling loose

    b) spirals! i don’t always do spirals, but if i’m stiff and the circles just aren’t cutting it, spirals are a good fall back. I start from the center and work outward, going both clockwise and counterclockwise until i feel comfortable with the whole range of motion. Some people really care about getting perfect spirals but for me it’s all about making sure i’m comfortable with how i’m moving so who really even cares about how the spirals look. Not me! 

    c) lines! straight lines! in parallel! i do a mix of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. These are often more from the elbow than the shoulder, especially if I’m working on a smaller surface. For this exercise, I recommend holding the drawing tool perpendicular with the surface

    d) connect the dots. This is a precision and accuracy exercise and takes two forms. The first is to draw two dots and then draw a straight line between them. The second is to draw three dots and draw the curve that connects them. This sounds a lot simpler than it is in practice. Take time to ghost over the line you plan to draw before actually committing to your line. (I don’t always remember where I picked up my warm up exercises, but I’m pretty sure I got this one from Scott Robertson. His how to draw and how to render books are very technical but also accessible and worth checking out)

    e) cubes, spheres, cones, and cylinders. These help get your brain into a more volumetric space. I draw multiples of each, rotating the forms around, and I’ll often take the time to do some rough shading on at least a few of them

    f) spidermans! This one is really good if you’re going to be storyboarding or working on dynamic poses. Just fill a page full of spidermans doing all sorts of acrobatics. 

    g) beans. I don’t do beans too much anymore, but I know a lot of people like it so I’m mentioning it here. Fill an area with different size bean shapes without lifting your pencil off the paper. 

    h) short medium and long line repetition. draw a short, medium, and long line on your page, and then draw directly on top of them 8 to 12 times, doing your best to exactly trace what you’ve already drawing. Repeat with a wavy line. I’m bad at this one, which means I probably need to do it more. 

    And there are lots more options too! Hit up youtube to see what other people recommend, put together your own go-to list, mix it up when you’re getting bored, etc. 

    This is a long list, I know, but I usually don’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes to warm up, and I can warm up one handed while I’m drinking coffee, so, multitasking hurrah. 

    Sometimes I’ll advance to a precision warmup and find that I haven’t loosened up enough yet; it’s totally ok to go back to an earlier exercise! Also, all of this has the added benefit of kind of ritualistically getting you into the drawing mode so even if I’m not feeling it before I start, by the time I’ve gotten to the end I’m usually Ready For Drawin’. Brain hacks. 

    so, yeah! that’s a lot of words, but! Warmups are important! Save your joints, take less advil, do better drawings! 


    How on earth are you supposed to draw from a sholder? might as well tell me to draw from the foot. It makes no sense


    Reblogging to save a wrist



    Absolutely seething over the interior of this house. The bland colors...the entry room...it just sucks. Only redeemable thing is the view, but it still almost feels like a fish tank for humans


    “i have never sat on this couch before. i have also never eaten at this table, ever.”


    wonder what her parents do for a living that they have bulletproof windows


    One of the clearest contrasts you'll see between the working class and the bourgeoisie is encapsulated in this video. The rich own more than they'll ever use -- literally, she says that she's never even sat on the couch or at the dinner table, and this kind of thing isn't uncommon among the rich. Working-class people actually use the stuff they buy and they have a far better sense of the qualitative value of things.

    And yeah we reiterate the "this house is an ugly fish tank for humans" sentiment above lol

    still not over laura going “jester spent her whole life seeing everyone fall head-over-heels for her mother, so she thought that she had to act like her mother in order to find love. and at the beginning of the campaign, she would flirt with fjord the way that her mother flirts, and when fjord didn’t reciprocate, she just dropped the facade and assumed that nobody would feel that way about her.”

    and then travis going “fjord had never been flirted with before, so when jester acted all mature and was hardcore coming onto him, he got very overwhelmed and didn’t know how to respond. but when she dropped the act and started to show her true self in moments of vulnerability, that was when fjord started falling in love with her.”

    This fight is really hammering home just how much VM's main skill set is so much more offensive to the M9's defense.

    VM can wreck shit like woah, and they came in fast and strong right out of the gate, nearly taking Fjord right out in one turn. But the M9 lasted, and they have an entire bag full of tricks for keeping themselves alive: duplicates, polymorph HP buffers, deflect missiles, stunning strike, and just constantly dodging and ducking and getting out of the way--and just about every one of their defensive maneuvers carries with it a chance to do more damage.

    We all started this fight going "oh holy shit, Vox Machina is SO OP compared to the Mighty Nein!", because holy shit could they wreck shop. But now I'm thinking about how many resurrection rituals Vox Machina prayed and hoped their way through, compared to the Mighty Nein who have only ever had one character down and dead for longer than two or three rounds of combat tops. There's a reason Vox Machina ended their final boss battle with one less party member than they started with, and the Mighty Nein ended their battle with one more.

    This really could go either way, still, and I'm excited to see how it ends up, but it's super cool looking at how these differences are playing out in realtime.


    Black cats are lucky. (vialeahweissmuller)


    MAN [IN THICK ACCENT]: Black cat bring good luck.  Not bad luck.  I have black cat - See, him face - And I am not dead today: Good luck!


    “See him face”

    I sure fucking do see him face


    Reblog him face for good luck in 2021


    Reblog him face for good luck in 2021 (2)