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    What mother doesn’t love kissing and locking their son’s cock


    No grown man wants to be called a momma’s boy, so I was hesitant. My mom knew exactly how to win me over, though. I had been out all night drinking with my friends, and came back to home with half a hardon and thoughts of some girl I had been chasing unsuccessfully all night. What began as a scantily dressed hug she gave me when I got there turned into more than I ever imagined I’d do with my own mother. Far too drunk, my mind went into autopilot, and when I felt her warm, voluptuous body against mine I guess I lost it. Suddenly my hands were on my own mother’s ass, grabbing away, as I forced my tongue into her mouth. I guess she knew she was going to get this kind of response in her nightie, because she was massaging my tongue with hers, our lips mashing against each others, as one of her hands rubbed my ear and the other was fumbling down into my tight jeans for the swelling cock trying to break free.

    I guess I must have kept going after I blacked out, because I woke up the next morning in her bed, feeling a strange sensation on my cock. I thought it was the blanket rubbing against me, but my mother was already going to down slurping down my precum. She thanked me for last night, and told me that if I didn’t remember getting her pregnant, she would make sure I wouldn’t forget. I hope our kid doesn’t do the math and realize why his birthday is mid-February.


    When I became king at a young age, my mother stayed in the capital to help me rule. When I became a man, she started bringing by noble women to become my queen. I sent them all away, and she started to worry. Big women, petite women, young girls and older widows. She was worried I would never marry, and asked if I even wanted a queen. I put my hands on her thick hips and told her I already had one. She was a little shocked, but when we kissed her tongue met mine. 

    “But the court… it’s illegal to bed your own mother” she cautioned me.

    “So I’ll change the law, that’s what kings do, right? Besides,” I said as I gave her big ass a slap “they’ll shut up when I present an heir to them”.


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    My daughter and her friend didn’t know i was home. I woke up to moaning and yelling. I quietly walked towards my daughter’s room where the noises were coming from to see my daughter and her friend naked. My daughter was getting fucked by her friend with a strapon dildo. I watched for about 45 minutes as they took turns fucking each other with the doldo and without the dildo. I was so turned on I stripped out of my clothes in the hallway and was beating my meat. They then laid beside each other in exhaustion. I entered the room naked . They were surprised at first and covered up but quickly were staring at my cock and slowly covered and crawled to the end of the bed. They then started licking and sucking my cock and balls. My daughter then looked at her friend and said I was her daddy so she got to fuck me first. She turned around putting her ass towards me. I grabbed her by the waist and guided my cock into her teenage pussy. Her friend got under me and licked my cock as it went in and out of my daughter. We all fucked for the next 2 hours before getting cleaned up before my wife got home. We fuck on a regular basis now.


    When mom absolutely can’t wait to show off the Halloween costume she bought for our Halloween escapades.


    As usual, Jeanette made sure she made her boy’s Halloween another special treat with witches and orange being the theme this year.

    And like the last year she hosted him and his friends at the home for a special trick or treat party for the sugar hopped horny teenagers!


    I told you dear, when you go on a date with mommy, there is no otehr way you gonna end up with!

    Emma knew it was right, there was no way anyone could resist the woman her mother was! The kind of woman who knew what she wanted, who knew how good she was, how irresistible she was and the kind of woman who was always in charge and oh dear lord Emma wanted to be pressed against the wall like this by her mother for like forever!