Crazy About You


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2021-03-05 11:14:12

    It’s so funny just how weak and pathetic your attempts to struggle against me are and the little whimpers and cries coming out of you as you try your hardest to get free are an absolute delight to hear. I’m too heavy, I’m too strong for you and it’s so easy to pin that little body of yours down and pound into your tight little cunt.


    I love the feeling of overpowering a little one just to fill her cunt to the brim.


    A Faithful Hotwife?

    I hear it asked, how can you be married, be a hotwife, and call yourself faithful? I’m faithful to my husband’s love. I’m faithful to my husband’s wishes, his fantasies, and to the foundation on which our marriage is built on. I have faith in our honesty and our respect for each other. Now try to understand this, could be difficult to follow along. I am faithful to my sexuality. I’m faithful to my own heart and to the choices I make. I have faith that the path we both walk on is our own and don’t always have to be parallel, they just have to be headed in the same direction. I believe a hotwife lifestyle, in many ways is more faithful than many monogamous marriages because we’re too busy fucking and celebrating our marriage and not worrying about lies, deceit and betrayal.


    Exactly.. very well said and extremely true..


    My wife IS faithful! To her husband.

    This was All My Idea!