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    “We are citizens of the most powerful country in the world, and it is a country that stands upon the wrong side of every liberation struggle on Earth. I want you to feel what that means.”

    — Audre Lorde


    "You could call it necropolitics if you'd like: a politics, a society, that thrives on death, on welcoming the deaths of the frailest and the undesired, on causing death abroad by means of the entire economic and political and social and fiscal mechanics of war, on a distribution of resources so staggeringly unequal it is tantamount to extermination by neglect.

    To be powerful in this country is to cause and to countenance death. To be a good citizen of this country is to ignore the deaths of others or dismiss them as an inevitability?

    What else could we do, in our country of death and money, our great country of death and money, except lie like leaves in a bad season and die when we're told to and work until we do?"




    This is why there is such a push to have our police train with repressive genocidal states like Occupied Palestine, and to build training centers like the cop city in Georgia: the ultra wealthy and the politicians they own know that their safety depends upon continuing to be ready to suppress those of us they are robbing and oppressing even here in the core.


    beginning in at least 2014 infotainment systems in the company’s vehicles began downloading and storing a copy of all text messages on smartphones when they were connected to the system. An Annapolis, Maryland-based company, Berla Corporation, provides the technology to some car manufacturers but does not offer it to the general public, the lawsuit said. Once messages are downloaded, Berla’s software makes it impossible for vehicle owners to access their communications and call logs but does provide law enforcement with access, the lawsuit said.

    Yikes. Your car is probably keeping all your text messages and sending them to its manufacturer if you connect to your infotainment system.

    The manufacturer does two things with this data:

  • shares it with law enforcement
  • sells it to advertisers for extra revenue


    The car manufacturers being sued in this case are

    Ford, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors

    If your car allows you to connect your phone via Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, the car manufacturers' own systems, or any other system, assume your data is being scraped and sold to third parties for profit.

    The best thing you can do about it is:

    • Disconnect your phone from your car (make sure you choose the "forget this device" option, or your phone will reconnect the next time you turn the car on)
    • Call your car manufacturer's customer service line
    • Demand a copy of your data, including who it has been sold to (or shared with)
    • Demand to be opted out of all data sales or sharing
    • Demand your data be deleted effective immediately

    If they ask, you just moved to California and are exercising your rights under the CCPA.

    Also, name and shame these auto manufacturers for this practice wherever you can. Give them hellish publicity all over social media - talk up how they're stealing your data for their own profit. If they can't or won't comply with your CCPA demands, talk that up too. The law is too far behind adtech right now, unfortunately - the only way to stop this bullshit is to make it unprofitable and socially unacceptable.