Purple bloods, their history and what has become of them. A fantheory.

    Now, before I start I don’t know if someone has already beaten me to it, but if they have don’t yell that I’m copying someone because I have yet to see something like that. With that disclaimer out of the way lets get on with it. 

    In this post I’m gonna share what I believe might’ve been the past for Purple Bloods and what they were like based on evidence from Homestuck and the Hiveswap Friendsims. Some info might still be missing and ofcourse a lot of things are up for speculation until official writers release info. Still, I’ve been brewing this theory for quite a while now and as with my popular post about Marvus, he seems to confirm my theory to some extend as far as his own kin goes.

    So lets start with that shall we? I don’t have an endless stream of Friendsim screenshots on hand but boy I’m sure you’ve seen his quotes a million times right now and if not or you’ve never played through Marvus’s route before….go do it right now it’s a fucking dollar. Spoilers man, what’s that? you want me to sum it up? FINE. You go to a clown concert where Marvus is a celebrity but people go so ape-shit for him the moshpit becomes a battle ground of gore and death and Marvus saves your ass in both the good and the bad ending, rambling about paradox space and proving he is one smart motherfucking cookie. If you didn’t want spoilers don’t read that part. OKAY WELL LETS MOVE ON SHALL WE. 

    hint: you might wanna grab a drink and some tunes for this one it’s a LONG BOI

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    Here it is, folks! The LONG GONE GULCH Official Trailer!

    This ain’t your typical Western…

    Long Gone Gulch is a comedic fantasy about two young sheriffs who must serve and protect a secluded mythical world, home to many legendary creatures of folklore.  Follow weirdo cowgirl, Rawhide (the only human born in the Gulch) and sarcastic greaser, Snag (the only human outsider) as they become the law of the land.  Their unlikely friendship causes them to learn from each other as they deal with a variety of problems within a town of folks who aren’t exactly on their side.  Among them are Mayor Rhubarb, the strict yet neurotic jackalope, BW, the mysterious bounty hunter who is not what she seems and Mako, the dastardly shark mutant and his gang of bandits. 

    CAST Rawhide- E.G. Daily Snag- Danny Cooksey BW- Amber Midthunder Mayor Rhubarb- Myke Chilian Mako- Eric Bauza Squatch- Piotr Michael Marigold- Erin Fitzgerald Pinchley- ?

    Full pilot will be out in 2019.