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    Angel had always been told that if you kept your panties on, you couldn't get pregnant.

    After reassuring her that g-strings absolutely counted as panties, she agreed that I could fuck and fill her any time I wanted... so I rode that pussy every chance I got.

    If I got half a chubby in the mall parking lot as she was getting out of the car in her miniskirt, I'd pull her into a secluded corner and fill her up.

    If my balls were aching after scrolling through porn while she showered, I'd tell her to pull her thong back on so I could empty them in her "safely".

    Her period didn't start last week, so I've started telling her my cum just created a seal so she won't have them through the summer. Once her thongs won't fit, she might catch on, but it'll be too late for her to do anything about it, and she'll have to let my baby wreck her trim little figure.

    I wonder how long it'll be until another guy knocks her up?


    He cums and keeps going😍. I found a virtual porn game if you're curious.


    When you creampie my tight fertile wet pussy...


    Any time a guy in our frat house got a girlfriend who relied on him pulling out (gotta love catholic girls), we'd get him some viagra, and then see how long it would take for him to knock her up.

    As long as he came on the outside once, some of them didn't even realize he was shooting three or four more loads deep in their pussies before his dick finally went soft...