The girls had been warned time and again that the tree outside Collingwood House was "Not a suitable means of egress from dormitory to hall". After getting herself into trouble on a spiky branch, Fourth Former Cathy Willis was finding out that Miss Cavendish' tennis prowess was matched by the efficacy with which she could wallop a naughty girl's bottom and thighs.

    House Meeting Friday Night: Attendance Mandatory!!

    Girl 1 (preparing): “There, all tucked up and out of the way! Now, its going to sting a bit more…this way, but if you’re a good girl, and take what’s coming without too much fuss, I’ll make sure she doesn’t spank that cute little tush [pat,pat,pat] TOO hard, o.k.?”

    Girl 2 (being prepared): [thinking] I can’t believe they were serious! I’m really going to get a bare-bottom spanking!! In front of EVERYONE!!! Oh God, this is just SO embarrassing…so why am I feeling that little itch, down THERE?!“

    Girl 3 (spanking): [thinking] "251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261…”

    Girl 4 (getting spanked): [thinking] “I won’t cry, I won’t cry, I won’t cry, I WON’T [sob] ”

    Girl 5 (scolding): “Enough is enough!! I thought we had made our point the last time, but I guess not, eh? So this time you’re really getting spanked like naughty little children, which is just what you are, I think; and doesn’t it serve you right! The next time you think to pull a stunt like that, I hope you remember how it felt to have your pants pulled down for you, and your naked backsides blistered, because it can happen again; and maybe the next time with the back of my hairbrush, eh?”

    Girl 6 (taking it all in): [thinking] “Now, if I just undo that button, and slip my hand under…oooh, that’s the thing!! I hope nobody looks over here, or maybe MY little bare bottom will get spanked, too!!

    one of my very favorites by the magisterial JPC

    Aiko is the kind of daughter most mothers can only dream of: at work, an ornament, unfailingly courteous; beloved by customers and fellow employees alike; at home a cheerful, capable helpmate, always taking on more than her share of the household tasks, except...

    every now and then, on a quiet Sunday, if there isn't TOO much to do, she sometimes will become a little...contrary: to sleep in a little too late; to be a bit argumentative; maybe even to affect to whine when she's addressed, like a teenager on a TV show, just, perhaps, to remind kaa-san* that she is still, after all, her daughter, and that a little...guidance, maybe even some firm guidance wouldn't be unwelcome...

    Kaa-san herself is a grateful mother, but also a shrewd one, and she figured out quite a while ago just what Aiko was looking for from her on these occasions, and quite frankly, just as her daughter sometimes enjoys taking on the role of the less-than-dutiful daughter, so she enjoys the opportunity to show her the error of her ways, and over the years she has become, in her way, a formidable, if not very forbidding, disciplinarian. And so, even though the domestic tranquility is broken every now and then by a flurry of tears, and some unseemly squirming when sitting down to supper, one would have to account this among the happiest of households, such that, as she diligently works to find her Ko-chan a suitable husband, one of her main requirements is that he be happy to include his mother-in-law in the new domestic menage. A tall order, to be sure, but after all, it's not like there's any hurry...