When I was in college I got my nipples pierced by a locally famous - and married-professional piercer . As he was doing it I got very sexually aroused (always a bit of a masochist) and I know he could tell from all the panting and pupils dilating etc. So two weeks later my nipples were irritated and I was afraid of an infection so I went to see him again. Turns out all was fine but we both got so excited as he was touching me to check that we just ended up fucking doggy-style in the studio.

    That uh, doesn’t sound too sanitary, but whatever turns you crazy kids on ;)

    I love the comparison

    I fucked my wife’s sister in the bed I share with my wife. It only happened once, but it was amazing. She stayed with us for two weeks while she was on break from college. I came home early from work and found her smoking pot on our patio. I asked her what she was doing and we just sort of started talking. When I told I had never tried pot she offered it to me. She was smoking from a water bong and she showed me how. Her eyes were blood shot and glassy and she was smiling. I put the bong to my mouth while she lit the bowl for me and I inhaled it all. It burned as it went down my throat, but I held it in a little longer before coughing all the smoke out. I suddenly felt really good and relaxed and I found everything funny. My wife’s sister took another toke and leaned in and motioned for me to inhale it from her mouth. I did and I was feeling very good. Then she kissed me, led my stoned self to the bed I shared with her sister and we fucked until my wife came home. My favorite part of the whole experience was when my wife’s sister was riding me cow girls style and said, “I bet your wife doesn’t fuck you like this!”

    The devil’s lettuce - how lucky your devil was the seductive variety

    Im 21 and my married boss is 47. We’ve been hooking up for over a year now wherever and whenever we can. In the back of his truck on a two-track, in his office after everyone leaves, behind an abandoned building, he even sneaks into my house so the neighbors don’t see him. We sext all day from across the room and send gifs back and forth, getting each other all hot and wett and hard. Mmm, and he’ll come over to my desk and pull his cock out when no one’s in the office and make me suck his cock, or he’ll come stand behind me and slide his hand down my pants to feel hot wet i am. I couldn’t tell you how many times i swallowed his cum when everyone we work with was only just a closed door away! We meet in the morning before work, fuck at work, and sometimes after. After being married longer than i’ve been alive i didn’t think he would experience so many firsts with me but hey, what can i say? It’s been a fucking dream! I get to have all the fun and hot/rough/loving/kinky/passionate sex i want!

    I have so many stories… i mean i didn’t think this kind of thing really happens…

    Sometimes real life is sexier than fiction. Thanks for sharing, and I know this message is ancient but feel free to share some more!

    Getting better grades

    When I was 20, I had an affair with my 46yo history professor. Something about married men just turns me on and he was insanely attractive. I went to all of his office hours even when I didn’t need help and would always wear something revealing and touch him as much as possible. I slowly seduced him and could see his cock twitch whenever I walked into the room or brushed up against him. I made my move a week before midterms and put hand on his thigh. When I saw that he was starting to get hard, I moved it up toward his groin while telling him how much I admired him. He told me to stop being such a tease so I started rubbing his cock through his pants and kissed him. He halfheartedly told me we shouldn’t but when I climbed on his lap and straddled him, all his inhibitions went out the window. A few minutes later, I was laying on his desk while he slammed his cock into my pussy. He said he meant to pull out, but I felt so good that he couldn’t control himself. We’d meet every morning before class so I always had a pussy full of his sperm during lecture. He thought that was so hot that he told me my grade would go down if I ever asked him to pull out or wear a condom.

    Usually we just did it in his office, but one week his wife and kids went out of town for a family thing and he asked me to stay with him while they were away. We both came so much harder thinking about the fact that he was pumping load after load of hot sperm into someone under half his age in the bed he shared with his wife. While he fantasized about how hot it would be if he impregnated me in his wife’s bed and how he wanted to make love to me while my belly was swelling with his babies, I stayed on my birth control because I wanted to finish school and didn’t want to risk him getting fired. We did pretend he got me pregnant sometimes though.

    Needless to say, I got an A and decided to take another class with him the next semester.

    I just love to hear when you guys are living my greatest fantasies ;)

    Congrats on giving a married dude the thrill of his life!

    So I obviously haven’t posted in forever or even really checked in on the blog, but tonight I was just feeling it. Looked back over some of the old stories people sent in and I just needed to crank out a few captions - and a few other things.

    So feel free to send in your photos or stories! I can’t promise when or if I’ll post them, but it might be fun to try this all again.

    A Couple of Teases

    My wife and I were waiting to debark from a cruise ship across from a pair of hot teens and what looked like one’s unmarried milf of a mother.  We were reading but I couldn’t help but notice the girls kept looking my way, smiling coyly.  One gave a nice back arching stretch while looking my way, and the other opened up her legs enough to nestle her iPhone there.  It didn’t take her long to slip a finger beneath her phone to stroke herself right in front of me, still smiling.

    She turned on her side to use her mom’s chest as a pillow.  It was a perfect position for her to show her ass off while continuing to smile my way.  Our turn to debark came up and when we started to walk away I turned back to see the girls smiling, clasping hands and giggling quietly to themselves.

    I thought that was the end of it, but one came walking through the ship towards us and called out “I have to go to the bathroom” over her shoulder as if she were calling out to her companions, but it was straight at me with a smile.  The other two were no where in sight.  She walked straight towards a bathroom both away from the line and around a corner.

    I didn’t pursue her and stayed in the line, which was moving along nicely.  I saw the three again at customs and the girls were completely straight faced this time.  Their teasing is going to be a central theme to a lot of my fantasies in the near future.  Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I did living through it. :)

    My inbox is kinda overflowing right now, but this story was too good not to share!


    Hi, I am here to have fun and I hope to make friends. I have many beautiful posts of hot and sexy women. My page is dedicated to females. They are strong and beautiful. Would you like to be friends? Please follow me. I love to draw and write.

    I was going to make fun of you, but this is heartbreakingly earnest. You do your thing, man.

    I randomly sat next to gorgeous Misty Stone on an airplane today. I was embarrassed because I was trying to think of the proper way for telling a stranger that I’ve gotten off watching her getting fucked, but in the end I had a nice chat with her. She is as sweet as she is sexy.

    I know this is not the kind of update you come here for, but it was a very amusing part of my day and I don’t have many people I can tell IRL without raising further questions!


    I love your blog! It turns me on because I'm in a relationship but have been wanting to make a move on my married boss for months now. I find myself fantasizing about him daily, but how do you even go about doing it without it blowing up in your face, getting rejected, or having him fire me? I make subtle moves and he has said some very innocent flirty things, but how can I take it to a level where we become physical? Any advice would be appreciated!! Xoxox

    Tying to seduce your boss is a risky proposition; you obviously know the risks if it fails. I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but I think that if you want the best possible chance of success you just need to be confident and tell him what you want. It could blow up in your face, or it might not. But you won’t get what you’ve been fantasizing about unless you push for it.

    But please remember that it’s your life and you deal with the consequences. The worst thing that will happen to me if your boss fires you is an angry tumblr message! So take my advice with a healthy grain of salt.

    Being a coach!

    I coach youth tackle football. Over the last 3 years I have been approached & fucked by several moms of the kids I coach! Not sure what it is, but the coaching aspect seems to get them going! 2 years ago it was a mom of a kid that is actually a sister of our head coach! Is married & squirts like a geyser!! Last year, a mom of a player, that is the son of a board member of our league! Now divorced (not my doing) so vocal, also squirts, very unexpectedly naughty as she was always very quiet & seemed prudish! Omg she is everything but prudish! She loves anal & is extremely vocal! Can’t wait to see what this season brings! Lol

    Thanks for sharing, coach! Go out and fuck one for the Gipper.


    My senior year of high school I had the choice of choosing my clinical site in which I would become an intern for the next 8 months or so. Upon my arrival, I noticed all of the staff and techs working their were male, except two. All of them were extremely hot, but one stood out to me the most. He was so sexy, he had long shoulder length dark curly hair, a few inches taller than me, and had the most perfect smile, and ofc married. Months went by and I began to let loose a bit, and began to flirt with him. Little by little we became a bit closer than we were before. It went from casual talk to him rubbing my shoulders, him staring at my lips every time we were close, and even him whispering in my ear while grabbing my waist asking for help with one of his patients. My last day at the clinic I had everyone sign my yearbook, and he wrote a cute little message saying how I was a great intern, thanking my for all my help at the clinic, and wrote down his phone number. A few days after I had left I text him, telling him how much fun I had while I was there and that I would miss his company, I also included that I had a very dirty dream about him and one of the physical therapist he worked with. Casual talk turned into him asking me for pictures and videos of my tight pink pussy, and of me bending over in front of my phone and spreading my ass. I’d constantly send him videos of me playing with my wet pussy, and he loved them. He eventually came over to my house while I was alone, and i was very shy at first but he gripped my waist and pushed me ontop of him as we made out and I rubbed my pussy down against his throbbing dick. He kept spanking my ass and it was driving me up the wall, I finally pulled down his scrubs and took his cock in my warm mouth, and made the messiest blow job I had ever givin, I looked up with his cock still in my mouth and said,“ cum down my throat.” And sure enough he did, gasping for air as I circled the tip of his sensitive cock with my tongue, tugging at my hair as I swallowed and said to me “that’s a good girl”. The second time he came over he promised me he would tease my pussy just a little with his cock, but I knew that wouldn’t happen because as soon as he noticed how wet I was for him he shoved his cock so far inside me he couldn’t help but fuck me harder, telling me to call him daddy. So like the good girl I am I said to him,“ oh daddy! I love feeling your pulsing cock inside my fertile little womb, how do I feel daddy?” He answered with,“fuck your pussy is so tight, you’re such a good girl for daddy!” And he pulled out and came down my throat. Ugh he was so sexy, I loved sending him pictures of me teasing him while he was at work where I once was 😉

    So hot! Thank you for sharing.

    During my senior year, which was last year, I had a teacher who was hot. I always flirted with him, even though I didn’t expect anything out of it. He was just a hot teacher with a fiancé, until he showed up to school with a wedding band on after Christmas break. He immediately became sexier and I did everything in my power to make him want me…

    I would wear tight skirts and low tops to school to show off my tits and my ass, and blatantly touch his thigh every chance I got. I am so hot for both teacher and cheating scenarios, and got myself off to the idea of it most every night.

    It’s funny. He was so distracting that I never really learned anything from him until we finally got through to each other, all alone might I add, in his classroom the week before graduation, but now that I’m not his student anymore, he really is teaching me.

    I love happy endings. Clearly there’s been a lot of student-teacher love recently...


    I'm a high school bio teacher and I coach wrestling. Recently one of my former wrestling girls (call her Rene) graduated last year she came back before college. She showed up at our summer wrestling camp and fucked my brains out in my car, school security almost found us. I came in her and she's been fucking me everyday since then. I think I might be sending her off to college with a bun in the oven. She's even fucked me in front of my girlfriend while she licks my balls when I cum in her

    Awesome story - I’ll bet you’ve never had so much fun pinning someone before :)


    Hey, I was going through your blog, and someone submitted a story that involved her finding out she had a kink for getting her pussy blown on. Nobody called it out, so I'll be the on: DO NOT DO THAT. High airflow inside a vagina can cause rupturing and lead to death or excruciating pain- not the sexy kind, the 'oh my god im going to die' kind. DO NOT BLOW INSIDE VAGINAS DURING SEX. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. For the safety of all your followers, and hopefully that girl sees this.

    I’m not going to explicitly say this is false, but can you please cite a source for this claim? If you can provide even one reputable citation then I will happily post it.

    My blog encourages all sorts of bad behavior, but I would never spread pseudoscience!


    I love/hate this blog. I feel guilty this stuff turns me on but at the same time i know id never cheat. i love reading the stories here i just dont believe in cheating on a good person .

    OK, well thank you for your perspective. I obviously present a very skewed view of reality here and you’re probably in line with the views of the great majority of people. But I do like keeping the blog as a place where people can share their real stories they can’t share anywhere else.

    So whether you love it or hate it, or even if you hate me personally, thanks for reading :)

    I just left teaching and am 41. I’ve had former students flirt me up on Twitter and snapchat now that I’m not around they’re graduated. They even know I’m married, but I love it, honestly, that these horny girls want to sext. One girl wants me to be her “daddy”, and even wants me to brand her ass and wants me to command her to fuck other guys. Lately, I’ve been face timing one girl and she’s been squirting a lot for me. She loves watching me cum. It’s been a blast and the younger girls just are down for anything and then cool when we don’t talk for awhile. It’s been great.

    These girls clearly have a passion for learning. I hope you’re still teaching them something :)

    I’ve been fucking my 41 year old coworker for 3 months, his wife went out of town so this time he said we didn’t need a hotel.  he was pounding me missionary on his couch when his 17 year old son walked in on us. His dad immediately stopped plowing me but didn’t pull out.  He said if he didn’t want him to tell his mom he wanted a bj and to fuck me.  

    Long story short I took his sona virginity as his dad coached him on how to  please a woman 

    And now I get 2 cocks weekly.

    Not exactly your typical father-son bonding, but hey whatever works!


    PART 2/2--- And that night was the most pleasurable night of my life. It was only 69ing, but it was the farthest I had gone. Not only did I find that I have a daddy kink, I also found I love it when a man blows on my pussy while finger fucking me. I officially love being eaten out. Cocks aren't bad either- especially in my mouth.

    Congrats on figuring out what turns you on! I hope your experimentation has just begun.


    I don't know if this could go anywhere, but it was still super fun and very "wrong". I am a Mormon college aged student. In the Mormon religion, anything further than a chaste kiss is wrong before marriage, including masturbation. At my school tinder is a regular dating app- so no biggie, right? Well, I kept it when I got home and ended up snap chatting a guy back and forth. Sent nudes. Made out. Then a few weeks ago I messaged him again- I wanted to taste cock. PART 1/2