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    “What are you doing, Claire?” She kicked the door of her office closed after removing her blouse, then turned her attention back to me, her fingers working on my buttons now.

    “Silly, Julia.” another button undone. “When I told you I had something special in mind for dessert this evening at @clairescornercafe....” and two more buttons ......  “that something special..... well,...” now pulling my blouse open, my deep breaths evident as my breasts heaved within my black bra ....

    “The special tonight..... it’s YOU!”

    "That's a good girl. No need to think about anything else. Just focus on me,  You are doing very well."

    I kept encouraging her while I continued to gently stroke her head, this adorable waitress from Claire’s Cafe, so eager to come home with me.... pretending to be so naïve, yet so eager now to please. I knew she’d be as soon as she got that first taste..... and now, so freaking insatiable. She will get better in time, but for now.... fuck, I’m enjoying her!

    “That’s it, dear. Keep focusing on me!”