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2021-05-10 13:29:54

    You have a great blog and a hot sexy wife. What would it take to share her with me ?

    Thanks. For starters it would take her wanting to be shared with you but also living somewhat near us, getting to know us, having a good personality, having a clean STD test and proof of Covid vaccination would all be important factors as well. We don’t give out our location but it’s not near where you live so that would make it difficult.

    We had a hotel room the night these pics were taken and it was supposed to be the first time that another guy fucked her since we had gotten together. We weren’t even married yet at this point. We were both a little nervous but super excited and really turned on by the idea of it. Unfortunately the guy never showed up and stopped responding to our messages. Hard to believe right? Well it happens more than you’d think and that’s why many couples aren’t quick to reply to every guy that says they’d love to play with them. We still had our own fun that night and it actually made it better when I eventually did get to watch another guy fuck her for the first time. It just happened spontaneously another night with no big build up and it was unbelievably hot. That’s one night that I will absolutely never forget. 😁

    The wife and I talked again the other night about setting up a gangbang for her for the first time. It would likely be 3 or 4 guys that I would carefully vet beforehand who would meet us in a hotel room and give her all of the cock that she could handle. Just the thought of watching her in action and seeing her mouth and pussy full of cock makes me so fucking hard. I’m hoping this is another fantasy of ours inching closer to reality.