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2020-08-02 14:28:32

    So the first thing we learn is that Platinum has a very obvious crush on Wonder Woman

    And then

    Diana reveals to a starstruck Platinum that she’s a fan of anime and Platinum immediately decides to demonstrate to her that she has finger tentacles


    Not even going to pretend for a second that my mind didn’t immediately go to extremely lewd places the moment  I saw this


    Hayley Atwell


    Listen I try to be a decent adult grown human, and be respectful to women because they deserve it as fellow humans, but sometimes I reblog a tumblr post because another decent adult grown person just looks like That, and I am reduced to the equivalent of a weird little Goblin, crouching under a broken bit of cement by the highway overpass, clutching a single piece of paper with the word “boobs” written in awkward handwriting and capital letters on a squelchy bit of gray receipt paper, waving that paper at people as they walk past, desperately hoping someone else sees the miracle that I see.


    I wanted to draw the boob goblin so I did. 


    These are the real boob goblin hours.


    I will never not reblog this. The 2 guys in the back are just ❤❤❤


    Always reblog.


    people who get hyped up for other people are the greatest people you can have in your life.


    Love their reactions. They aren’t worried about being emasculated, they aren’t insecure, they are just genuinely impressed that she’s lifting like a beast!


    Role models.


    me, to my housemates, one of whom is a thermal engineer: if someone had hypothermia, is the best way to warm them up ‘spoon them’, or ‘cuddle chest to chest’? I feel like it could be either – spooning is the classic warming position, and you warm up the colder part, but spoon the front and you insulate the skin with the largest temperature delta

    housemates: [fervent, serious debate]

    me, after a couple of minutes: to be clear, this is for a final fantasy 7 fanfiction scene where my character got really cold, the stakes aren’t high in getting this completely right.

    housemate: does the hypothermia exist sheerly as an excuse for the cuddling?

    me: that is the only reason hypothermia exists in fanfiction.


    so i asked my mom’s boyfriend, who is a paramedic, and he recommended that for hypothermia, you cuddle chest-to-chest, BUT if you are digging in to survive a blizzard, spooning is preferable