I’m still in love with you, and I probably always will be. It’s messed up, really. I pray that you meet a nice girl with pretty hair, and I hope she always puts you first. God knows I never did. I hope she shows up for you, and I hope she loves all the same things as you. I hope she understands the things you talk about, and never has to just nod and smile to make you happy. I hope I made you happy. I miss you, and I always will. I hope some day you tell me that everything I want for you came true. All I ever want is for you to be so happy you never want for anything. I hope the next girl you fall in love with is your forever. But I can’t thank you enough for letting me be the first.


    I want you.

    I want you at 3 am when the thoughts are getting to you and you wake me up in tears.

    I want you at 5 pm when we’re cooking together and dancing in the kitchen.

    I want you on our wedding day when I’m a crying mess because I’m so happy.

    I want you when we’re watching our favorite show and I’m so into it I forget you’re there.

    I want you when you don’t feel good and you need me to take care of you.

    I want you when it’s raining and the storm scares our dogs.

    I want you when we have our first child and we’re both terrified of messing up.

    I want you when our children are grown up and on their own.

    I want you when we’re old and grey.

    I want you.

    I want you forever.

    r.j (via xxrebekahx)