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    Just so you know, the ‘age of consent’ is something that ‘man’ came up with. In most countries that is 18, but in others the age of sexual consent is 16, and then there are countries where 16 is also the age where one legally becomes an adult. Perhaps people shouldn’t state so readily that ‘under 18’ is wrong, as it depends on the law of the country.

    October 2, 2021: Saturday Afternoon

    Stop trying to have sex with kids.

    Puppet Show (Sex Silent Disco script)


    I released this script for free at my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/posts/script-puppet-57483158

    I'm excited about the idea. It's a hypnokinky sex silent disco.

    It's for two people at once, so they bring each other hypnotically deeper as they masturbate together. Two files make both partners into fairy thralls.

    It's gender+orientation neutral. The voices are female fairies, so both partners should like that.

    Writing "simultaneous" scripts is tricky but I think I've got it down. If you're genuinely interested in trying this - or other sex silent disco ideas - out with a willing and interested partner, please feel free to email me at bimbovirus@gmail


    I know many listeners often experience anxiety.

    This is a soothe track designed to remedy that anxiety.  It’s very effective.

    I strongly recommend listening to the end.

    Usual warnings - yes, expect addiction, yes, expect this to change your libido, yes, you’ll end up a sexual servant, yes, it’s worth it.


    More complete CW:

    This file purports to be anxiety relief.

    It achieves that by bimbofication and servitude, though, so it is a trick. That’s the kink.

    Party and Premiere: confess

    Sorry daddy.

    I’ve been bad.

    You’ve been bad too.

    It's time to confess. Join us tonight at the Deep Drop Party - the best place to take care of all your sins.

    WHEN: 9pm EST

    WHERE: The Pink Room https://discord.gg/gJU6xAA3za

    WHO: Bliss, Bambi Sparkles, Neural Nets cohost

    WHAT: The theme tonight is Trigger Merry Go Round. Every track is designed to build a different trigger in your mind

    Also, we're dropping a new track - for free. It's called WORSHIP.

    It arranges the mantras from SORRY DADDY : SACRISTY and SORRY DADDY: DILIGENCE. It arranges them for mind melting effect.
    This track also controls your vibe. We'll demonstrate. @blink-blank-bliss will be vibrated live on mic to the new track.

    Confess. Join us.