Nic Buxom!
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2014-09-11 22:51:06

    I'm performing with evil queen and mistress of the night Seraphina Wilder next Saturday, August 16th! Dizney Destruction is Club Tempt's 2 year anniversary and also Mistress Tetra's birthday party!

    Come celebrate with us and watch me get stripped, spanked and shorn! There will be multiple kinky Dizney themed performances and you're all welcome to attend and use our dungeon to play!

    Discounted presale tickets available here: http://sanctuarylax.com/events/3741/orders/new

    Tickets are also available at the door.

    I look forward to performing for you and seeing you there! :)

    So, uh, what did YOU do at work today? ;)

    BTW, like the booty? Then be a pal and fund my kickstarter project! I promise if you do I'll keep the nakey booties comin'!


    Who's that over my knee? Why one of the hapless hosts from Will Sean Podcast! You've seen my pretty face (as well as other ends of me) now go give a listen to my pretty voice and learn all about my work as a Dominatrix!

    Listen to my podcast with Will Sean Podcast? !!! It's funny, it's informative, it's titillating! Like them on facebook, download the podcast, rate them on itunes, give a listen to my pretty voice! 

    Will Sean Podcast? on itunes!


    See me live!

    Hey guys! I do my FIRST EVER CAMSHOW in just 1hr!

    I'm going to hang around on the site till 6pm or so tonight just to get a feel for it so feel free to stop in and say "hi!" There's free chat and I expect to spend most of my time there for today, unless someone wants to chat at me privately. :)

    I'm nervous and excited! Check me out!